Drake Zkard

072 NEORAR072 DrakeZkard0001
  • Card Number:
  • Archetype:
  • Base Type:
  • Designator/Timing:
  • Combat/Power:
  • Cost or Epic Condition:
    IV (Control Four Resource Cards)
  • Stability:
    Rare - Two Copies per Deck
  • Set:
    NEO - The New Beginning
  • Artist:
    Julie Attanasio and Carmina




Assimilate +1: Look at the top Three cards of your deck. Choose one and put it into your hand and put the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Retribution -1: Target character with Combat Three or less gains Unstoppable until end of turn or target character with Combat Four or more gains the ability Overpower until end of turn.

Retribution -2: Double target character’s written Combat value until the beginning of your next turn.

Retribution -3: Deal Ten damage divided any way you choose among any number of target characters and/or players.

Flavor Text

This card does not have flavor text.

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  • 3/15/2015 - Drake Zkard's Retribution -2 ability will only double the written combat of the targeted character, regardless of other bonuses.