Gemini Twins

005 NEORAR005 GeminiTwins0001
  • Card Number:
  • Archetype:
  • Base Type:
  • Designator/Timing:
  • Combat/Power:
  • Cost or Epic Condition:
    Four (4) Terra
  • Stability:
    Rare - Two Copies per Deck
  • Set:
    NEO - The New Beginning
  • Artist:
    Danielle Crain




When Gemini Twins comes into play, you may search your deck for a Shadow Architect and put it into play in your Shadow Zone. Use this ability only if you do not control a Shadow Architect and shuffle your deck afterwards.

Any damage dealt to a Shadow Architect you control is dealt to Gemini Twins instead.

Flavor Text

This card does not have a flavor text.

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  • 6/16/2016 - ERRATA - This card was missing from its come into play ability to shuffle the deck afterwards.
  • 3/1/2015 - This card's ability can not cause you to have two shadow architects in play at once. If a player chose to use Gemini Twins' come into play ability while their Shadow Zone was already occupied, then shadow master coming into play is Slain.
  • 3/1/2015 - When calculating Overpower damagewith this card and a Shadow Architect in play assign availible damage to the shadow master and if there is excess, to the player. THEN redirect the damage assigned to the shadow master to the Gemini Twins.