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Universal Card Game News Sept 2014!


The Universal Card Game Version 1.4 is currently being created in the LackeyCCG card game engine. This is an open source engine that is available for free for download and modules can be loaded into the engine. Below are some screenshots for the game! Alongside this picture is also the new Neo Cityscape playmat for the new version of the card game!

The new playmat looks much better than some of the older version I have made of the playmat. You will notice many of the zones in the game have been renamed, this is important for the rules. We have tried to make the game much simpler to understand and by making the terminology simpler players can understand the game better. Next we are going to try to work on getting some of the cards printed for some fundraising programs to help raise money for the last few pieces of artwork for the game.

The UCG version 1.4 will be available for Closed Testing on October 22nd, 2014! Please create a forum account and sign up on the Universal Card Game testing topic to be part of the testing!