Universal Card Game News June 2015

Face Down or Face Up?

In several of the earlier versions of the Universal Card Game including version 1.4, we made several cards that deal with flipping cards face up and face down. These cards were very unique in how they work. Unfortunately, they are a nightmare to write rules about due to their unique nature. If you are not aware, we are making a new version of the UCG. You can find the article here. There is one card that is going through a metamorphosis along with one of its support effects as well. This is the Shadow Master, now known as a Shadow Architects, for our main character Mina Holly. The other card we will be discussing is the Effect card Spirit of the Tinkerer.



Mina Holly is the spawn of an avatar of Sin and an avatar of Chaos, which makes her powers very desirable to many members of Negagoth’s society. The Agency want her Gizmo technology for themselves to manufacture more weapons to maintain control of the city. The insane want to make her into a new powerful monster by overdosing her on Black Wolf, a drug that exposes one’s “True Form.” Death Revelers want her for the sin powers she has and Bloodlusters want her for her control over chaos. As you can see, we make her out like a complete badass and she should have cards in the game that indicative that significance in the story.

Since the Universal Card Game is getting a new version and this is what we call the “core set” of the game, I wanted to restrict the game from having too many mechanics. It is neat that we have Pitfall Effect cards that can be face down to make the card’s an ability a surprise to an opponent, these cards are fun and healthy for the game. Cards such as Ariwara Miki, Torchlight Tinkerer, Spirit of the Tinkerer, and Mina Holly’s Shadow Master were a bit too much for the game. Forcing players to remember special rules for cards that make cards behave out of the normal rules is meant for advanced play. The Universal Card Game is a new thing, and until the player base gets to the point where they want extremely advanced mechanics I feel it is better for the game to leave them out for now. This does not mean that we won’t release cards that behave as these later in the game’s life; just at this current incarnation and state of the game it is best to leave them out.

I hope this article was helpful to you and I would like to keep everyone up to speed with the Universal Card Game and its development. As stated prior, version 1.5 is going to be the last bit of changes we make to the card set and this will be the version that comes to market. I ´┐╝appreciate everyone for being patient with this project and hope to bring you a fun and unique competitive card gaming experience to you soon.

Until then, this is Jeff the Card Critic and stand by for Card Critic #13 where we poke some fun at the latest punching bag of the gaming community, Konami.