UCG News January 2018

LackeyUCG5 is online! Get the link here! We’re super excited to finally have the game available for public release and look forward to the future for the Universal Card Game. Now is an exciting time for an update as there’s a lot to talk about with the new website online.

We'll soon upload a future update video to the YouTube channel to show off the new versions of the prototypes. To start with the selling of the Universal Card Game, we will be offering nine “Pre-Built Decks.” These decks are composed of 90 cards that show off the primary strategies the main Factions in the Universal Card Game. You can try each of the Pre-Built decks in the LackeyUCG5 plugin for LackeyCCG.


Included in the Pre-Built Decks you will receive:

  • 60 Fully Competitive Deck Cards
  • 20 Card Adaptable Sideboard (Includes necessary Tokens)
  • 10 Additional Cards That Can Improve Strategy

The Nine Pre-Built Decks:

  • Throne of Rah (Demon)
  • Cute Cadet Crystal (Descendant)
  • House Drakkonia (Drakkonen)
  • Gangsters from Another Dimension (Gangster)
  • Paradigm Gizmos (Gizmo)
  • Pure Insanity (Insane)
  • House Birdos (Mercenary)
  • Bishop Sisters (Spirit)
  • Death Reveler (Unspoken)

Based on the popularity of the Pre-Built decks, we hope to include custom boxes for each deck. These boxes will help describe the decks and aid with sales at stores and/or conventions. Crowdfunding is something that is always on our mind and we will keep everyone up to date as the data approaches when we start selling the Pre-Built Decks.