Big News for the UCG!

Hello everyone, January 2018 is a big month for us at Starcat Products. We’ve a lot of updates for you and this article will cover each issue in detail.

Recently we created the Starcat Discord Channel to interact with fellow Universal Card Game fans. If you’d like to join, please reach out to us on either Facebook or Twitter for the link.

UCG Days are events where we show fresh players how to play the card game. They’ve been a huge hit. We plan to continue scheduling them on the LackeyCCG server. See our Facebook page for more details!


Lackey Update 1/15/2018 is online! We introduce some fixes to the LackeyUCG plugin for LackeyCCG. You can use the LackeyCCG software to play the UCG for free! Get it here!


  • Dave had wrong counter type in the come into play message
  • Darkcat now able to spawn token
  • Added sideboard to Demon Deck
  • Added counters for Drakkonen Breaker
  • Subject Zero only gets a Status Effect from Hand or Void
  • Demonic Temptation description was too long and removed hover effect


The next round of prototypes has been ordered, we hope to have everything in place to start selling the UCG Pre-Built decks starting in March! Stay tuned for a video update going over each deck and possible ways to start ordering the game! The starting price for a Pre-Built deck is $30 USD and will include any of the following decks that can previewed in the LackeyCCG plugin:

  • Bub's Pure Insanity (Insane Aggro)
  • Dretch's Death Reveler (Unspoken Control)
  • Evelyn's Bishop Sisters (Spirit Control)
  • Lizzy's Cute Cadet Crystal (Descendant Utility)
  • Mina's Paradigm Gizmos (Gizmo/Spirit Aggro)
  • Molly's Throne of Rah (Demon Direct Damage)
  • Noodles' House Birdos (Mercenary Utility)
  • Riptor's Dragon Master (Drakkonen Aggro)
  • Rock's Gangsters from Another Dimension (Gangster Rush)

Thank you for being part of the journey with us at Starcat Products! We are investigating the idea of crowdfunding the initial stock of the UCG with huge rewards for early backers. More details to come as we finalize prices and continue the last steps of development of the game.