2018 is Going Great!

Hello! This year is off to an awesome start for Starcat Products and the Universal Card Game. We’ve recently attended the Atlanta Sci-Fi & Fantasy Expo as our first venue to begin selling decks. Many people got to meet the Starcat Team and try out the game with our prototype playmats. The mats are significantly larger than a standard 11x17 playmat that we included on the LackeyUCG5 plugin. Players were able to experience the game fully with playmats, fully powered decks, and they got to meet the creators of the game.


Sales were exceptional. Many players took up the offer to get the “foil Noodles.” Yes, you read that right, we have limited edition foil ‘Noodles the Star Cat’ cards that you can get from only meeting Jeff, the Creator of the UCG. We have plans to make more of these exclusive cards in the future for other Starcat team members. Its super exciting to finally release our first foil card in the game and even more excited to sell them to players. Players received the foil Noodles card by purchasing two of the Pre-Built decks. Not only that, they also got an 11x17 playmat for each purchased deck to use and play with their friends.


The Let’s Play Comic will include a demo of how to play the UCG with Duel Mistress and The Master playing two of the Pre-Built Decks. Duel Mistress will be running the House Birdos Mercenary deck and The Master will be running the Dragon Master Drakkonen deck. Where the Story Comic has a very serious overtone to it, the Let’s Play Comic will be a more light-hearted approach to the game aspect of the UCG.


Last, the first of the UCG Spotlight 2018 videos has been uploaded to YouTube! This series of videos started several years ago. Back then the videos were more impromptu and discussed the making of the game. These new videos are now narrated by our own Mina Holly and include visuals to help players understand game concepts.

The first video in this remake goes into detail over the general rules page of the UCG Rulebook. The next video will cover the various card types in the game. Check it out at our YouTube Channel and make sure to like and subscribe for more UCG updates!