UCG Spotlight - Voidfeeder Tyrant

UCG:NEO version 1.6 is bringing some great changes to the game's balance. Until the time comes to reveal the changes, let's talk about once of the deadliest cards in the Drakkonen arsenal, the Voidfeeder Tyrant.

The new artwork for this fearsome Drakkonen character comes to us from our newest artist Sara. We focused on the sheer size of the creature to give the card artwork a much needed overhaul. By placing buildings near and below the dragon, we get to see the scale of this enormous Six Combat character. The visual effects show the dragon consuming the souls of the living which is reflective of its abilities. It can slay Terra Characters each turn and it also gains the abilities of characters removed from the Void.

Get your Voidfeeder Tyrant Wallpapers here!

Next, let's talk Voidfeeder Tyrant, the card itself. For starts, the Voidfeeder Tyrant's Epic Condition is Two Epic Characters you control. This is a heavy cost, however, the Voidfeeder Tyrant isn’t Delayed like the Voidspawn Drakkonen029 NEORAR029 VoidspawnDrakkonen0001. It has Six Combat and can immediately benefit from any character's abilities that are in your Void.

Whenever you control a Voidfeeder Tyrant you have a host of abilities that you can use in Sequence against opponent’s actions or even start your own Sequence yourself:

  • By removing a Voidspawn Drakkonen, you can Epic Summon an additional character and then immediately activate the Voidfeeder Tyrant to play a character from your Void.
  • Drakkonen Timekiller127 NEOUNS127 DrakkonenTimekiller0001 can malfunction search abilities of other cards especially when used as a Sequence.
  • Dark Armored Sharvan051 NEOCOV051 DarkArmoredSharvan0001 will allow you to remove board presence from your opponents. This is especially useful late game when Drakkonen Whelps047 NEOSTB047 DrakkonenWhelp0001 cannot be used to play the Dark Armored Sharvan.
  • All of these options give the Voidfeeder Tyrant Overpower, which significantly aids its ability to deal damage since it can be chump blocked by smaller characters and doesn’t have Swift.

Note: Drakkonen that activate for their abilities such as Fledgling Drakkonen112 NEOSTB112 FledglingDrakkonen0001, Riptor, Sharvan Elite175 NEOCOV175 RiptorSharvanElite0001, and Drakkonen Soultaker153 NEOUNS153 DrakkonenSoultaker0001 cannot be use in Sequence. The Voidfeeder Tyrant would miss the timing since it was already used to Sequence against the initial action. Cards cannot Sequence against themselves and activated abilities can only be used in Sequence if it isn’t your turn.

Lastly, the Voidfeeder Tyrant can rip apart Terra based decks. In the current state of UCG:NEO, most opposing forces are of the Terra Archetype. Proper timing and protection of the Voidfeeder Tyrant can shut down many Terra Based decks. The ability to Dispose of Terra characters each turn is very effective against factions that focus on larger Terra Characters for late game strategies. Some of these include the Insanes with Chaotic Fuzz, the Gangsters with Subject Zero/Mantra Agent 999, and almost all of The Unspoken.

Note: Voidfeeder Tyrant's dispose ability can remove your own cards if you play any sort of Terra Characters! Samsontech Seawolf is a great card to run in a Drakkonen deck, however it is susceptible to the Voidfeeder Tyrant's ability! Flipped Flip Characters are not vulnerable to this ability since many of them lose the Terra Archetype!

The next dragon the artist is working on is the Drakkonen Whelp, stay tuned for future updates! The next Jeff's Erratas will contain a critical update for Drakkonen players and I will go into further detail then.

-- Jeff, The Rare Hunter