Phantom Agent 001

006 NEOCOV006 PhantomAgent0010001
  • Card Number:
  • Archetype:
  • Base Type:
  • Designator/Timing:
    Unspoken Gangster
  • Combat/Power:
  • Cost or Epic Condition:
    Seven (7) Terra
  • Stability:
    Covert - One Copy per Deck
  • Set:
    NEO - The New Beginning
  • Artist:
    Victoria Pittman


Delayed, Cunning, Overpower, Revive 1


When Phantom Agent 001 comes into play, Slay all characters with the Designator of Demon in play.

Whenever Phantom Agent 001 damages an opponent during an Encounter, you may deal damage equal to its Combat divided any way you choose to any number of characters with the Designator of Demon that player controls.

Pay One Terra: Target character gains the additional Designator of Demon until end of turn.

Flavor Text

This card does not have a flavor text.

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  • 3/1/2015 - In order for you to be able to use Phantoms ability to divide his damage to demon characters, those characters either must have already been demons or you must have turned them into demons(with Phantom's ability or another) before damage has been dealt.