Techna The Virus / Cyber Yatagan

087 NEOUNS087 TechnaTheVirus CyberYatagan0001
  • Card Number:
  • Archetype:
    Terra Flip / Flip Status
  • Base Type:
    Character / Effect
  • Designator/Timing:
    Gangster / Character
  • Combat/Power:
    1 / N/A
  • Cost or Epic Condition:
    3 (Three Terra)
  • Stability:
    Unstable - Three Copies per Deck
  • Set:
    NEO - The New Beginning
  • Artist:
    Henri dela Cruz




When Techna The Virus or another character with the Designator of Gangster comes into play, you may Flip Techna The Virus.

Paradigm (If this card is revealed from your deck or in play by a Shadow Architect ability you control, put it into play and Flip it.)

Effected Character gets +2 Combat and the ability Assist.

Whenever Effected Character inflicts damage to a player during an Encounter, you may have that player take One damage for each card in their hand or put a Two Combat Token Character with the Designator of Gangster into play.

If the Effected Character would be Consumed by the Void, you may Revive the Effected Character and Flip Cyber Yatagan.

Flavor Text

This card does not have flavor text.

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  • 3/1/2015 - No special ruling at this time.