Gizmo Replicator

204 NEOSTB204 GizmoReplicator0001
  • Card Number:
  • Archetype:
  • Base Type:
  • Designator/Timing:
  • Combat/Power:
  • Cost or Epic Condition:
    2 (Two Terra)
  • Stability:
    Stable - Four Copies per Deck
  • Set:
    NEO - The New Beginning
  • Artist:
    Henri dela Cruz




As an additional cost to Gizmo Replicator, you may pay Two Terra.

Gizmo Replicator comes into play as an exact copy of a character in play. If the additional cost was not paid, Gizmo Repicator’s Designator is Gizmo and it gains the following ability: “If Gizmo Replicator is the target of an effect or ability, it is Consumed by the Void.”

Flavor Text

This card does not have flavor text.

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  • 6/16/2016 - When this card copies another Gizmo Replicator in play, it comes into play as a copy of the card the target is copying. This is due to the target not being a Gizmo Replicator while in play.