Demons During the Last Violent Prophecy

The Void is connected to everything and every time. It is the boneyard of existence. Everything that has ceased to function comes here to be broken down into their original components. It is a treasure trove of raw power and energy. It was designed to be uninhabited, but it isn't. Sometimes, things survive the eroding miasma of the Void, but nothing can go unchanged.

The Voidbourne or "Demons" are entities' that have somehow adapted to the conditions in The Void. Many scholars have puzzled over this phenomena, but none have been able to explain with any accuracy why one object enters the void and breaks down, and another enters the void and warps. All that is known for sure is that it does in fact happen.

Demons more than anything want out of the Void; even those that have found comfort within their caustic environment wish an opportunity to feel the warm embrace of a sun's light, or tread on soil again. Others have less savory reasons for wanting to return to Reality. After all, not all who die find peace. Demons universally would make any bargain to escape the Void, and all of them need help to do so.


Optional Support

The Demons are one of the most versatile allegiances in the Universal Card Game. They have a wide variety of Effect Cards that can aid in their ability to control the field. The key element of the Demon Designator is they focus on Control. Support cards geared for the Demon deck focus on controlling the playing field with either removal, direct damage, or by allowing you to search your deck and play the cards you need.

Demonic Temptation

Demonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001is a staple card in both the Demonik-ElectroniK Control Decks and the Throne of Ra Utility based decks. This card allows you to get key Demon cards such asAzkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001,Bloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001, and Void Wolf directly into play as long as you have the terra available to do so. One of the best plays to make with this card is to search forDemon Lord Kai160 NEOCOV160 DemonLordKai0001and then get another card from your Void. If you have other expensive Demon cards in your deck, it really does help to use the Demonic Temptation to search for an Bloodlusters card as when this card comes into play it will allow you to put the other Demon into play. By using this card you will quickly find yourself outpacing your opponent and still have Terra to spare to react to your opponent's plays.

This card can also double as a removal effect with the -1 combat it can give to targets. This card is especially useful for removal early game targets such asArcanist of the Inquisition039 NEOSTB039 ArcanistoftheInquisition0001,Seeker of the Lost076 NEOSTB076 SeekeroftheLost0001, and several of the Descendant cards such asUndercover Cheerleader025 NEOUNS025 UndercoverCheerleader0001. In decks that merely splice in some of the Demon Engines it is wise to use this card alongside the Demon Members as it will help raise the consistency of the combos and also give you another removal chance for pesky targets. Another thing to note is that this card can also give Demon cards +1 Combat counters until end of turn so you can buff to attack or more preferably use the card to activate abilities. Samson Bloodcoat004 NEOSTB004 SamsonBloodcoat0001 and Void Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001 are some of the best cards to target as these cards will allow you to quickly regain card advantage in a single turn.


Assassinate177 NEOUNS177 Assassinate0001can be a very versatile card for the Demon Deck as it is super cheap to play and very easy to run is most Demon Deck builds. Based on your playstyle this may be the removal effect of your choice as this card costs virtually nothing and can get rid of most threats quite easily. When running theAzkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001Engine you can useCommit Sin Vanity123 NEOSTB123 CommitSinVanity0001to get this card back into your deck for more quick damage. The real beauty of running this card with Demon cards is that you don't always have to runTimewave Zero044 NEOSTB044 TimewaveZero0001to deal with most bad matches, you can run this main deck and leave more slots open in your Sideboard. Since Shadow Architects are able to take damage for players that control them, this card works really well against them as you can attack and then immediately play an Assassinate afterwards. This will allow you to deal that last bit of lethal damage over to the Shadow Architect after making a successful attack against a player. In addition, if this card were to deal damage to a player and you are playing Bloodlusters you can play them from your Void. Once you are able to get one of yourBloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001cards out you can then get all your Bloodlusters cards on the field for free as they come into play form your Void whenever you play another Demon card.


Bloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001is one of the most interesting cards available in the Demon Arsenal. This card allows you to either play a demon card for free in addition to playing the Bloodlusters or when you play another Demon card you can play all copies of Bloodlusters from your Void. This makes for some great utility as the Bloodlusters have Assist which will allow them to gang up on an attacking character. Once you have acquired about two or three of these cards on the field, it becomes very easy to actually defeat several of your opponent's best cards. As mentioned prior you can useDemonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001or Ballad of She017 NEOCOV017 BalladofShe0001to actually gain additional momentum over your opponent as you can play two or three cards for the price of one! Always try to play this card as quickly as possible as it gives you a great card to block and with Assist it can even be useful to block those pesky big characters as well.

Key Cards for your Demon Deck


Azkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001- This card can come into play and then activate to give you a Sin card of your choice. This is great when dealing with certain aspects of the game not going your way. You can search ofCommit Sin Wrath019 NEOSTB019 CommitSinWrath0001to deal damage to a player to retrieve your supporter demon cards or you can getCommit Sin Vanity123 NEOSTB123 CommitSinVanity0001which allows you to manipulate your hand to grant further hand advantage.

Plague Sphinx016 NEORAR016 PlagueSphinx0001- This is one of your best options for quick removal with the Demon Designator. This card comes into play as a Three Combat and can get rid of your demon cards that you don't need. This will give it a +1 Combat counter and ALSO the counters that the demon would give when they would be consumed by the void. If performed properly you can use cards likeCwn Annwn132 NEOSTB132 CwnAnnwn0001and Dorf055 NEOSTB055 Dorf0001which are weaker late game to allow your Plague Sphinx to do up to 6-8 points of damage as soon as it hits the field. This card is also really great for recycling yourBloodlust Activists083 NEOSTB083 BloodlustActivists0001and Bloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001cards as well since they are free fodder each time you play a Demon card or direct damage effect.

Samson Bloodcoat004 NEOSTB004 SamsonBloodcoat0001 - What is there not to say about the Samson Bloodcoat? This card holds a very valuable slot in your deck at Two Terra for a Two Combat character. It is able to save itself from being the target of debilitating abilities and destruction cards. You can draw a card at any time as a Sequence to these actions and you can use Demonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001 to draw several cards a turn. Versatile in most Demon decks, the Samson Bloodcoat is often a great Two to play character in any deck. Combine it with Demon Lord Kai160 NEOCOV160 DemonLordKai0001 or Speaker of Darkness077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 for some great Expertise enabled fun.

Void Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001- You really can't go wrong when searching your deck and playing this card as it can immediately activate to remove up to two threats from the field or in a player's deck. One really good bonus is once it dies, it gives FOUR +1 Combat counters which can make any of your demons especiallyDemon Lord Kai160 NEOCOV160 DemonLordKai0001extremely hard to kill.


The Demon Designator is by no means weak, but they do definitely have their dis-advantages. The biggest is that almost any player can sideboard into their deckTimewave Zero044 NEOSTB044 TimewaveZero0001 and this card can pretty much wreck any pure Demon based deck. The card slays any target character that has a written power of Three or less which pretty much covers 90%+ of the entire rollout of Demon cards. You will need to be ready to react to this card being played by having Demons that can either dispose the target to gain an additional ability or have a spare out that will benefit from the +1 Combat counters being attached to it. Additionally the Demon deck relays heavily onDemonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001and its Sin cards in order to handle any large threats. Cards that hinder the searching of the deck or playing of Effect cards such asDrakkonen Timekiller127 NEOUNS127 DrakkonenTimekiller0001or Fledgling Drakkonen112 NEOSTB112 FledglingDrakkonen0001can make this card almost useless as they can immediately stop the card from being played or immediately slay the chosen card. Since the Demon deck is a mid to late game paced deck, any cards that deal with discard can greatly hinder the Demon deck as they can easily dump needed cards such as Azkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001and Void Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001before they can even hit play.

Azkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001- The Azkar Rah Engine can be shut down quite easily by hitting an Azkar Rah that is in the Exhausted Zone. It is best to hit this card quick as it is critical to allowing the Demon deck to react to your plays. You also don’t want this card to die as they can get it back withCommit Sin Vanity123 NEOSTB123 CommitSinVanity0001and it will give Three +1 Combat counters on a target of the player's choice.

Bloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001- This card is critical for most Demon decks to maintain momentum with cards likePlague Sphinx016 NEORAR016 PlagueSphinx0001and to get their larger cards such asVoid Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001into play. Hitting one of these early game is a guaranteed three cards of their deck and greatly reduces the pacing of the demon deck. This card is a fairly safe target for Final Clash001 NEOCOV001 FinalClash0001as it does not have +1 counters which several of the cards can remove.

Anti-Demon Support

Bastet, Cat Matriarch032 NEORAR032 BastetCatMatriarch0001 - This card looks like it would be something to greatly benefit your Demons, however it would be wise to examine how most of the Demons work. The Demon cards currently in the UCG utilize abilities that remove their +1 Combat Counters and then once they have depleted their strength, they would then hit the Void to grant the Combat Counters to another character. Bastet, Cat Matriarch greatly disrupts several aspects of the Demon Designator by making them all still be alive with no way to remove Combat Counters once they are at Zero. Alongside this disruption she is a fantastic Sideboard card for the Demon as she can activate to outright kill a character card with the Demon Designator.

Deny Thy Evil089 NEOSTB089 DenyThyEvil0001 - Part of the "Darkness" Status Effects, this card can severely ruin your day when running an agro based Demon deck. This is why playing removal is a must when running Demons as when you encounter a card you cannot handle you can very easily lose board control. Since most of your Demon cards have to target in order to get rid of this card, you will need to rely on another source of removal such as an Effect card to deal with this card.

Phantom, Agent 001006 NEOCOV006 PhantomAgent0010001 - This card is of the Covert Stability, but just look at the abilities. This card can do some serious damage to Demon decks as he completely wipes them all out once it hits play and then can continue to disrupt your field each time it attacks. Keen eyed players of the game can use cards such as Evan Loez080 NEORAR080 EvanLoez0001 or Ignorance091 NEOSTB091 Ignorance0001 to constantly recycle the come into play ability of Phantom, Agent 001, making it a very uphill battle for your Demon deck. You can always use a card like Void Wolf to search their deck for this card if you know they are running it and Decimate it to make it a non-issue.

Play Style(s)

Demonik-ElectroniK (Control)

The Divinik-Demonik deck is a Demon Deck that focuses on controlling the playing field. This deck is a mid-game deck and the player that uses will need to have very strong early game removal to handle threats to establish field control. This deck does not need to depend on theAzkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001engine such as the other Demon deck builds, but it does need to have proper pacing. Many players always make the mistake of playing too many powerful demons and not enough effect cards to allow them to handle threats. This deck uses powerhouse demon cards such as theVoid Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001and Plague Sphinx016 NEORAR016 PlagueSphinx0001for late game victory, but relies heavily on strong early game such as withDorf055 NEOSTB055 Dorf0001and Samson Bloodcoat004 NEOSTB004 SamsonBloodcoat0001to handle your opponent's initial attacks. This deck is very rewarding, but does prove to be one of the more difficult decks to master. When using cards such as Demonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001and Ballad of She017 NEOCOV017 BalladofShe0001, always try to search for aBloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001as this card will allow you to play another Demon alongside it and you will also have to cheap out The Master082 NEOCOV082 TheMaster0001and Gwyn Ap Nudd173 NEORAR173 GwynApNudd0001 for some quick board position. Who says controlling the power of Demons was an easy task?

The Throne of Ra (Control)

The fallen gods of New Terra have been re-born as terrifying Demonic creatures. These gods are very happy to be ripped from their positions of power and have grown to be spiteful toward the living. The Throne of Ra deck focuses on using the cardAzkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001to create what we call the "Azkar Rah Engine" which allows you to constantly put into play Sin cards from your deck. This deck is much quicker to establish field control than other Demon deck builds, but has the weakness of depending on the Sin cards being readily available for use. If the Azkar Rah gets removed or your opponent is playing strong anti-effect cards the match could prove to be rather difficult. Many variants of this deck can include the direct damage portion of the deck as well by playing cards such asBlood Omen157 NEOUNS157 BloodOmen0001and Assassinate177 NEOUNS177 Assassinate0001. These cards allow the player to establish very quick board control and can handle most character based threats. The Bloodlust Activists083 NEOSTB083 BloodlustActivists0001card can come into play each time you use a direct damage card on the opposing player. A very helpful combination of cards to keep on the playing field would be a Commit Sin Envy121 NEOSTB121 CommitSinEnvy0001 and a Commit Sin Wrath019 NEOSTB019 CommitSinWrath0001, these two cards in combination can slay most characters. Use Azkar Rah to search out the card you do not have out each turn so you can handle most character based threats.

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