Demons During the Last Violent Prophecy

The Void is connected to everything and every time. It is the boneyard of existence. Everything that has ceased to function comes here to be broken down into their original components. It is a treasure trove of raw power and energy. It was designed to be uninhabited, but it isn't. Sometimes, things survive the eroding miasma of the Void, but nothing can go unchanged.

The Voidbourne or "Demons" are entities' that have somehow adapted to the conditions in The Void. Many scholars have puzzled over this phenomena, but none have been able to explain with any accuracy why one object enters the void and breaks down, and another enters the void and warps. All that is known for sure is that it does in fact happen.

Demons more than anything want out of the Void; even those that have found comfort within their caustic environment wish an opportunity to feel the warm embrace of a sun's light, or tread on soil again. Others have less savory reasons for wanting to return to Reality. After all, not all who die find peace. Demons universally would make any bargain to escape the Void, and all of them need help to do so.


Optional Support

The Demons are one of the most versatile allegiances in the Universal Card Game. They have a wide variety of Effect Cards that can aid in their ability to control the field. The key element of the Demon Designator is they focus on Control. Support cards geared for the Demon deck focus on controlling the playing field with either removal, direct damage, or by allowing you to search your deck and play the cards you need.

Demonic Temptation

Demonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001is a staple card in both the Demonik-ElectroniK Control Decks and the Throne of Ra Utility based decks. This card allows you to get key Demon cards such asAzkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001,Bloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001, and Void Wolf directly into play as long as you have the terra available to do so. One of the best plays to make with this card is to search forDemon Lord Kai160 NEOCOV160 DemonLordKai0001and then get another card from your Void. If you have other expensive Demon cards in your deck, it really does help to use the Demonic Temptation to search for an Bloodlusters card as when this card comes into play it will allow you to put the other Demon into play. By using this card you will quickly find yourself outpacing your opponent and still have Terra to spare to react to your opponent's plays.

This card can also double as a removal effect with the -1 combat it can give to targets. This card is especially useful for removal early game targets such asArcanist of the Inquisition039 NEOSTB039 ArcanistoftheInquisition0001,Seeker of the Lost076 NEOSTB076 SeekeroftheLost0001, and several of the Descendant cards such asUndercover Cheerleader025 NEOUNS025 UndercoverCheerleader0001. In decks that merely splice in some of the Demon Engines it is wise to use this card alongside the Demon Members as it will help raise the consistency of the combos and also give you another removal chance for pesky targets. Another thing to note is that this card can also give Demon cards +1 Combat counters until end of turn so you can buff to attack or more preferably use the card to activate abilities. Samson Bloodcoat004 NEOSTB004 SamsonBloodcoat0001 and Void Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001 are some of the best cards to target as these cards will allow you to quickly regain card advantage in a single turn.


Assassinate177 NEOUNS177 Assassinate0001can be a very versatile card for the Demon Deck as it is super cheap to play and very easy to run is most Demon Deck builds. Based on your playstyle this may be the removal effect of your choice as this card costs virtually nothing and can get rid of most threats quite easily. When running theAzkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001Engine you can useCommit Sin Vanity123 NEOSTB123 CommitSinVanity0001to get this card back into your deck for more quick damage. The real beauty of running this card with Demon cards is that you don't always have to runTimewave Zero044 NEOSTB044 TimewaveZero0001to deal with most bad matches, you can run this main deck and leave more slots open in your Sideboard. Since Shadow Architects are able to take damage for players that control them, this card works really well against them as you can attack and then immediately play an Assassinate afterwards. This will allow you to deal that last bit of lethal damage over to the Shadow Architect after making a successful attack against a player. In addition, if this card were to deal damage to a player and you are playing Bloodlusters you can play them from your Void. Once you are able to get one of yourBloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001cards out you can then get all your Bloodlusters cards on the field for free as they come into play form your Void whenever you play another Demon card.


Bloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001is one of the most interesting cards available in the Demon Arsenal. This card allows you to either play a demon card for free in addition to playing the Bloodlusters or when you play another Demon card you can play all copies of Bloodlusters from your Void. This makes for some great utility as the Bloodlusters have Assist which will allow them to gang up on an attacking character. Once you have acquired about two or three of these cards on the field, it becomes very easy to actually defeat several of your opponent's best cards. As mentioned prior you can useDemonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001or Ballad of She017 NEOCOV017 BalladofShe0001to actually gain additional momentum over your opponent as you can play two or three cards for the price of one! Always try to play this card as quickly as possible as it gives you a great card to block and with Assist it can even be useful to block those pesky big characters as well.

Key Cards for your Demon Deck


Azkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001- This card can come into play and then activate to give you a Sin card of your choice. This is great when dealing with certain aspects of the game not going your way. You can search ofCommit Sin Wrath019 NEOSTB019 CommitSinWrath0001to deal damage to a player to retrieve your supporter demon cards or you can getCommit Sin Vanity123 NEOSTB123 CommitSinVanity0001which allows you to manipulate your hand to grant further hand advantage.

Plague Sphinx016 NEORAR016 PlagueSphinx0001- This is one of your best options for quick removal with the Demon Designator. This card comes into play as a Three Combat and can get rid of your demon cards that you don't need. This will give it a +1 Combat counter and ALSO the counters that the demon would give when they would be consumed by the void. If performed properly you can use cards likeCwn Annwn132 NEOSTB132 CwnAnnwn0001and Dorf055 NEOSTB055 Dorf0001which are weaker late game to allow your Plague Sphinx to do up to 6-8 points of damage as soon as it hits the field. This card is also really great for recycling yourBloodlust Activists083 NEOSTB083 BloodlustActivists0001and Bloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001cards as well since they are free fodder each time you play a Demon card or direct damage effect.

Samson Bloodcoat004 NEOSTB004 SamsonBloodcoat0001 - What is there not to say about the Samson Bloodcoat? This card holds a very valuable slot in your deck at Two Terra for a Two Combat character. It is able to save itself from being the target of debilitating abilities and destruction cards. You can draw a card at any time as a Sequence to these actions and you can use Demonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001 to draw several cards a turn. Versatile in most Demon decks, the Samson Bloodcoat is often a great Two to play character in any deck. Combine it with Demon Lord Kai160 NEOCOV160 DemonLordKai0001 or Speaker of Darkness077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 for some great Expertise enabled fun.

Void Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001- You really can't go wrong when searching your deck and playing this card as it can immediately activate to remove up to two threats from the field or in a player's deck. One really good bonus is once it dies, it gives FOUR +1 Combat counters which can make any of your demons especiallyDemon Lord Kai160 NEOCOV160 DemonLordKai0001extremely hard to kill.


The Demon Designator is by no means weak, but they do definitely have their dis-advantages. The biggest is that almost any player can sideboard into their deckTimewave Zero044 NEOSTB044 TimewaveZero0001 and this card can pretty much wreck any pure Demon based deck. The card slays any target character that has a written power of Three or less which pretty much covers 90%+ of the entire rollout of Demon cards. You will need to be ready to react to this card being played by having Demons that can either dispose the target to gain an additional ability or have a spare out that will benefit from the +1 Combat counters being attached to it. Additionally the Demon deck relays heavily onDemonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001and its Sin cards in order to handle any large threats. Cards that hinder the searching of the deck or playing of Effect cards such asDrakkonen Timekiller127 NEOUNS127 DrakkonenTimekiller0001or Fledgling Drakkonen112 NEOSTB112 FledglingDrakkonen0001can make this card almost useless as they can immediately stop the card from being played or immediately slay the chosen card. Since the Demon deck is a mid to late game paced deck, any cards that deal with discard can greatly hinder the Demon deck as they can easily dump needed cards such as Azkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001and Void Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001before they can even hit play.

Azkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001- The Azkar Rah Engine can be shut down quite easily by hitting an Azkar Rah that is in the Exhausted Zone. It is best to hit this card quick as it is critical to allowing the Demon deck to react to your plays. You also don’t want this card to die as they can get it back withCommit Sin Vanity123 NEOSTB123 CommitSinVanity0001and it will give Three +1 Combat counters on a target of the player's choice.

Bloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001- This card is critical for most Demon decks to maintain momentum with cards likePlague Sphinx016 NEORAR016 PlagueSphinx0001and to get their larger cards such asVoid Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001into play. Hitting one of these early game is a guaranteed three cards of their deck and greatly reduces the pacing of the demon deck. This card is a fairly safe target for Final Clash001 NEOCOV001 FinalClash0001as it does not have +1 counters which several of the cards can remove.

Anti-Demon Support

Bastet, Cat Matriarch032 NEORAR032 BastetCatMatriarch0001 - This card looks like it would be something to greatly benefit your Demons, however it would be wise to examine how most of the Demons work. The Demon cards currently in the UCG utilize abilities that remove their +1 Combat Counters and then once they have depleted their strength, they would then hit the Void to grant the Combat Counters to another character. Bastet, Cat Matriarch greatly disrupts several aspects of the Demon Designator by making them all still be alive with no way to remove Combat Counters once they are at Zero. Alongside this disruption she is a fantastic Sideboard card for the Demon as she can activate to outright kill a character card with the Demon Designator.

Deny Thy Evil089 NEOSTB089 DenyThyEvil0001 - Part of the "Darkness" Status Effects, this card can severely ruin your day when running an agro based Demon deck. This is why playing removal is a must when running Demons as when you encounter a card you cannot handle you can very easily lose board control. Since most of your Demon cards have to target in order to get rid of this card, you will need to rely on another source of removal such as an Effect card to deal with this card.

Phantom, Agent 001006 NEOCOV006 PhantomAgent0010001 - This card is of the Covert Stability, but just look at the abilities. This card can do some serious damage to Demon decks as he completely wipes them all out once it hits play and then can continue to disrupt your field each time it attacks. Keen eyed players of the game can use cards such as Evan Loez080 NEORAR080 EvanLoez0001 or Ignorance091 NEOSTB091 Ignorance0001 to constantly recycle the come into play ability of Phantom, Agent 001, making it a very uphill battle for your Demon deck. You can always use a card like Void Wolf to search their deck for this card if you know they are running it and Decimate it to make it a non-issue.

Play Style(s)

Demonik-ElectroniK (Control)

The Divinik-Demonik deck is a Demon Deck that focuses on controlling the playing field. This deck is a mid-game deck and the player that uses will need to have very strong early game removal to handle threats to establish field control. This deck does not need to depend on theAzkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001engine such as the other Demon deck builds, but it does need to have proper pacing. Many players always make the mistake of playing too many powerful demons and not enough effect cards to allow them to handle threats. This deck uses powerhouse demon cards such as theVoid Wolf008 NEORAR008 VoidWolf0001and Plague Sphinx016 NEORAR016 PlagueSphinx0001for late game victory, but relies heavily on strong early game such as withDorf055 NEOSTB055 Dorf0001and Samson Bloodcoat004 NEOSTB004 SamsonBloodcoat0001to handle your opponent's initial attacks. This deck is very rewarding, but does prove to be one of the more difficult decks to master. When using cards such as Demonic Temptation190 NEOUNS190 DemonicTemptation0001and Ballad of She017 NEOCOV017 BalladofShe0001, always try to search for aBloodlusters137 NEOUNS137 Bloodlusters0001as this card will allow you to play another Demon alongside it and you will also have to cheap out The Master082 NEOCOV082 TheMaster0001and Gwyn Ap Nudd173 NEORAR173 GwynApNudd0001 for some quick board position. Who says controlling the power of Demons was an easy task?

The Throne of Ra (Control)

The fallen gods of New Terra have been re-born as terrifying Demonic creatures. These gods are very happy to be ripped from their positions of power and have grown to be spiteful toward the living. The Throne of Ra deck focuses on using the cardAzkar Rah054 NEORAR054 AzkarRah0001to create what we call the "Azkar Rah Engine" which allows you to constantly put into play Sin cards from your deck. This deck is much quicker to establish field control than other Demon deck builds, but has the weakness of depending on the Sin cards being readily available for use. If the Azkar Rah gets removed or your opponent is playing strong anti-effect cards the match could prove to be rather difficult. Many variants of this deck can include the direct damage portion of the deck as well by playing cards such asBlood Omen157 NEOUNS157 BloodOmen0001and Assassinate177 NEOUNS177 Assassinate0001. These cards allow the player to establish very quick board control and can handle most character based threats. The Bloodlust Activists083 NEOSTB083 BloodlustActivists0001card can come into play each time you use a direct damage card on the opposing player. A very helpful combination of cards to keep on the playing field would be a Commit Sin Envy121 NEOSTB121 CommitSinEnvy0001 and a Commit Sin Wrath019 NEOSTB019 CommitSinWrath0001, these two cards in combination can slay most characters. Use Azkar Rah to search out the card you do not have out each turn so you can handle most character based threats.

Dream or Reality?

There is a common belief that there is a clear division between the physical and metaphysical. Others reason that in reality the two are often interwoven. The differences between the two planes of substance and spirit impossible to perceive. It is a rare thing then, when confronted by something wholly spirit to even acknowledge it. Such events are so rare in fact that most disbelieve the occurrence of such things at all. This response magnifies the mounting presence of wholly man made things. Those stripped of their spirit and by extension bottle the world most inhabit into a sterile lifeless vacuum. However, based on the most scientific assumptions at hand, if life is in fact a tangible force, then even when life is rendered into lifelessness, the spirit must persist. What’s more, our lifeless creations mourn their lost souls in silence, craving connection to their natural state.

All things forged in reality find balance, tempered with life or spirit. Those forged to defy that balance whether intentional or not are robbed of their spirit, or connection to reality. So it goes as they separate, longing to be together again. This leads the halves dependent on whole beings to enable them. In the most romantic case, each other. Spirits often boast a wealth of sway over the earth and sky due to their limited capacity to engage with the physical world. Lifeless machinery take impossible form with infinite impact on the way the living live their lives (or taking other's). They have no bearing on the reality they inhabit. Lacking in ability to interact with dimensions beyond the one in which they were forged.

In truth, the spirit and the machine are eerie reflections of one another. Each incomplete, useless on its own, cut off from the total reality they inhabit. In their own way they are masters of their domain, though in all but the rarest of instances, must be wielded. In truth everyone knows this. Take a knife for example, what use is it without a wielder? The knife is dependent on its handler, without, the single minded object is left unguided, without purpose of its physical form. Regardless of anyone's personal leanings, there is a profound division in creation. Responsibility falls to the creator to give its subjects purpose.

Spirit/Gizmo Support


Spirits and Gizmos are a team of Factions that work together as a whole. Spirit cards focus on Shadow Architects as their main strength. Gizmo cards are flip character cards with the Paradigm ability. The Paradigm ability allows cards to immediately flip to their alternate forms when a Shadow Architect reveals or plays the card. With this focus on Shadow Architects it allows for simple synergies to occur between the two. With many strong options available both mid and late game, the Spirits and Gizmos make a great Faction choice for advanced players.

The factions have great consistency with their many potent search abilities. Your deck then serves more as a health pool as you rarely rely on top decking to get what you need. Many Spirt and Gizmo cards deal with threats by taking control, copying, or slaying them outright. Gizmos provide most of the aggression as they tend to reduce or nullify abilities of other cards in play. Spirits focus on searching for various members and resources to add to the hand or Active Zone. They also have members that let them protect themselves or a Shadow Architect.

Optional Support

Dryad of the Wood126 NEOUNS126 DryadoftheWood0001 - A key player in almost any Spirit/Gizmo. With skilled use, it's capable of searching your deck two times for any combination of Standard Resource or Spirit cards. At the Unstable Stability you can always search for another copy of Dryad of the Wood for the next turn. Another option is to accelerate your Terra to play Shadow Architects or to gain access to your most expensive spells and characters. This card is a prime target for Final Clash.001 NEOCOV001 FinalClash0001 To protect this card, search for a Mermaid of Wishes193 NEOUNS193 MermaidofWishes0001 to nullify any Effect cards the opponent may play.

Starcat Girl003 NEOSTB003 StarcatGirl0001 - Starcat Girl is a great member of any Spirit/Gizmo deck since you can Dispose one of any characters the player controls to play it. This potent ability is not without drawbacks. Players can only play one Starcat Girl per turn. It also receives -1 Combat Counters equal to the Disposed Character when played via its alternate cost. This card can slay any non-resource card on the field and also provide you with a character. This is one of the few cards that can choose to destroy Shadow Architects as a target. One of the best uses of the Starcat Girl is to use the ability of Dryad of the Wood126 NEOUNS126 DryadoftheWood0001 immediately play the Starcat Girl via alternate cost.

Nanotech Nightmare196 NEOSTB196 NanotechNightmare0001 - The cheapest to play Shadow Architect. Nanotech Nightmare fuels the aggressive strategy of the Gizmo-based deck. Its Assimilate ability does not finish at the end of the controlling player's turn. This makes it impossible to destroy it via combat or from direct damage spells or abilities. It becomes simple to play any Gizmo card with the Nanotech Nightmare's Retribution -1 ability. This will trigger any Paradigm abilities from the Gizmo cards when played this way. Players can also build up and activate the Retribution -3 to replace Nanotech Nightmare. This ultimate ability then gives the new Shadow Architect three Retribution Counters. That new Shadow Architect will be able to use its most powerful abilities the turn it is replaced.

Gizmo Ball Type K - Gizmo KiKAT167 NEOSTB167 GizmoBallTypeK GizmoKiKAT0001 - A powerful search card for any Gizmo deck. When it flips it lets you look at the top three cards of your deck to add any Standard Resources and Gizmo cards it finds to go to your hand. Combine this with Shadow Architect cards to create some consistent search abilities. This card is very useful as it has the ability Unstoppable. It cannot be blocked during encounters. Since its Flip Condition is optional players can keep it as a constant source of damage rather than use its search ability. It's best to immediately use the search if able to Paradigm and use as an attacker if played by paying its Terra Cost. Most powerful in the early game as the Spirits/Gizmos lack a lot of good sources of early game damage.

Key cards for your Spirit/Gizmo Deck

Gemini Twins005 NEORAR005 GeminiTwins0001 - This Spirit card is able to search for any Shadow Architect and play it into the appropriate zone, all while ignoring Resource Conditions. On top of that, Gemini Twins will also protect your Shadow Architect by absorbing the damage first. This provides an additional protection to your Shadow Architects as your opponent will struggle to remove it with damage. This card is a valid target to search for with Dryad of the Wood.126 NEOUNS126 DryadoftheWood0001 As such it lends greater consistency with getting the Architect a player may need when they need it.

Dryad of the Harvest038 NEORAR038 DryadoftheHarvest0001 - This Dryad makes Shadow Architects untargetable via effects or abilities. Combine with Gemini Twins005 NEORAR005 GeminiTwins0001 for even greater protection. This card also assists in the generation of Assimilate Counters for a Shadow Architect. Players can activate any of their Shadow Architect abilities each turn if they control two Dryad of the Harvest. Use cards like Drake Zkard072 NEORAR072 DrakeZkard0001 to win the game quick with his Retribution -3 ability.

Gizmo Ball Type R - Gizmo RoBO043 NEORAR043 GizmoBallTypeR GizmoRoBO0001 - Gizmo Ball Type R - Gizmo RoBO's abilities debilitate many kinds of Terra decks. Even if by default it is hard to use against Epic decks, it has the ability Paradigm to make up for it which removes this drawback. Use Dryad of the Wood126 NEOUNS126 DryadoftheWood0001 to search for a Gizmo Ball Type R - Gizmo RoBO and then use the Dryad to block. If left in a situation with no characters in play after doing this, then play Gizmo Ball Type R - Gizmo RoBO to immediately let the card flip. This will give -2 Combat to all characters of the Designator named by Gizmo Ball Type R - Gizmo RoBO. When this card flips it has the Cunning keyword and Four Combat making it a great pressure card. This card is great at shutting down decks that focus on early game such as Insanes and Descendants. Shadow Architect Gracelyn Bishop's070 NEORAR070 GracelynBishop0001 Retribution-2 ability can search for two Gizmo Ball Type R - Gizmo RoBOs and immediately flip each with Paradigm.

Fae Nurturer097 NEOSTB097 FaeNurturer0001 - Where Gizmo cards hold the more aggressive aspects of the Spirit/Gizmo Faction. The Fae Nurturer is a hybrid of the two abilities that the factions focus on. This card can search for more copies of itself whenever it hits a player during an Encounter. Also, whenever you play one you can get a free Standard Resource in play or a card in your hand. This card is one of the few Spirit cards with Swift and makes great fodder for Starcat Girl.003 NEOSTB003 StarcatGirl0001 At Stable Stability, there's potential to deal immense damage and obtain hand advantage by playing these out early. Unfortunately due to their powerful nature, they make great targets for Final Clash.001 NEOCOV001 FinalClash0001


Sprits and Gizmos lack a strong early game and take a few turns to setup. Astute players will see which variant of the Sprits/Gizmos their opponent is playing by turn four as critical plays begin at that time. Heavy removal or direct damage cripples Spirts and Gizmos, leaving them stuck playing one card at a time. Many of the stronger Spirit cards have a high Stability making it difficult to draw combo pieces. This leaves players reliant on Dryad of the Wood126 NEOUNS126 DryadoftheWood0001 or Gizmo Ball Type K - Gizmo KiKat167 NEOSTB167 GizmoBallTypeK GizmoKiKAT0001 for consistency into their best plays.

Anti-Spirit/Gizmo Support

Bastet, Cat Matriarch032 NEORAR032 BastetCatMatriarch0001 - Bastet, Cat Matriarch is a great Sideboard against Spirit/Gizmo decks. Although it does not directly affect pure Gizmo cards, most Gizmo flip characters are Spirits. Since many Spirit decks rely on the control aspects of their abilities, it leaves many targets vulnerable to its activated ability. Use Starcat Girl003 NEOSTB003 StarcatGirl0001 or Gizmo Ball Type L - Gizmo LaLA141 NEOUNS141 GizmoBallTypeL GizmoLaLA0001 to shut this card down before it takes control of the game.

Arcanist of the Inquisition039 NEOSTB039 ArcanistoftheInquisition0001 - While not the strongest card on it own, the Inquisitors are strong against Spirit decks. Since many Spirit based decks lack a good early game, this card's damage dealing ability can leave you vulnerable. The Inquisitors can empower one another and keep a Spirit or Gizmo Player's early game at bay. The Arcanist is also at Stable Stability along with the Warlord of the Inquisition046 NEOSTB046 WarlordoftheInquisition0001 and Templar of the Inquisition.028 NEOSTB028 TemplaroftheInquisition0001 All this makes it easy for the Inquisitors to overrun the Spirit/Gizmo player.

Timewave Zero044 NEOSTB044 TimewaveZero0001 - Most Spirit/Gizmo cards are very vulnerable to this card. This includes key members such as Starcat Girl and Gizmo RoBO. To save them, use cards such as Ignorance to malfunction the card or Gizmo Ball Type B - Gizmo BoWOW's037 NEOSTB037 GizmoBallTypeB GizmoBoWOW0001 flip ability to nullify the effects in Encounters. When playing against this card, try to make sure Gizmo Ball Type R - Gizmo RoBO043 NEORAR043 GizmoBallTypeR GizmoRoBO0001 flips right away to avoid it being slain.

The Darkness Within062 NEOSTB062 TheDarknessWithin0001 - Spirits/Gizmos lack a good early game and this card makes the matchup that much worse. The Darkness Within can immediately slay any Spirit or Gizmo character in play. Not only that, the effected character becomes completely immune any Spirit or Gizmo's damage and abilities. This makes cards such as Starcat Girl003 NEOSTB003 StarcatGirl0001 useless as the effected character no longer is a valid target. In this situation, players can choose to remove the Status Effects, removing the annoyance.

Play Style(s)

The Bishop Sisters (Control)

The Bishop Sisters deck focuses on protecting and using the abilities of Shadow Architects for victory. With utility cards such as Dryad of the Wood126 NEOUNS126 DryadoftheWood0001 and Dryad of the Harvest038 NEORAR038 DryadoftheHarvest0001 the player can setup with the Shadow Architect they need in any situation. Gracelyn Bishop070 NEORAR070 GracelynBishop0001 and Evelyn Bishop's108 NEORAR108 EvelynBishop0001 wide range of Assimilate and Retribution abilities are effective in many matchups. Evelyn Bishop's third Retribution ability lets the player search their deck to replace it and place three assimilate counters on the new architect. Choosing Gracelyn Bishop then lets you use her third Retribution ability, allowing the player to gain up to five characters in play. This strategy allows players to overcome the lack of characters in this deck.


Paradigm Gizmos

This deck focuses on two very unique mechanics of the game, the Flip and Paradigm abilities. Flip Characters often have the Paradigm Ability. This allows them to immediately flip into their secondary forms whenever a Shadow Architect reveals or plays them. This deck then focuses on Shadow Architects such as Mina Holly018 NEORAR018 MinaHolly0001 that give the greatest likelihood to trigger Paradigm abilities. Gizmo Ball Type B - Gizmo BoWOW037 NEOSTB037 GizmoBallTypeB GizmoBoWOW0001 and Gizmo Ball Type L - Gizmo LaLA141 NEOUNS141 GizmoBallTypeL GizmoLaLA0001 can shut down opponent options and provide great defense with their various play options. Adding the Gangster Flip Characters players can Paradigm a Gizmo and immediately power it up with Techna The Virus - Cyber Yatagan087 NEOUNS087 TechnaTheVirus CyberYatagan0001 to create a powerful attacker.

So many secrets...yet nothing is said.

It’s said the oldest and greatest fear is that of the unknown. The inconceivable. Those subjects that are wholly beyond grasp. Human nature begs one find their place in an infinite universe in all iterations. Sometimes discoveries come, always appearing as terrible apparitions and wonders. The only defense against these sights is to seal it away from mortal minds. Forever left unsaid, unspoken. Some foolish souls try to tame the ever infinite universe. Their pursuits end with the poor soul taking on an aspect like that they've sought to understand in vein.

These Unspoken ones have sought to transcend the boundaries of the visible world. They experience exponential growth in abilities as they edge ever closer to singularity with the infinite. They search for others like them to create a greater unification with reality. Their forms then flux and reorganize into greater shapes. Only the strongest among them can hold these new shapes for long.

The one true weakness of these Unspoken ones lies in the fact none have defeated their mortality. Despite their heightened abilities, they bleed like the rest. They are in a state of weakness when gathering strength to recover from an exertion of untamable power. Though the Unspoken can tap into limitless possibilities, it takes time to attain even an ounce of mastery.

There is no hope for these creatures, twisted and changed by their own hands. It isn't a matter of diligence or effort, but capacity. These are those who stare into the void, unmoved by its persistent blinking. They found their path. They embrace the infinite in both singularity and entropy. The strain, push and pull to become more. Never will it be enough. They'll never break their bonds, nor recoil from what unspeakable thing they have become.

Unspoken Support

The Unspoken are one of the most unique factions in the Universal Card Game. Where many factions focus on teaming up to take on the opposition, the Unspoken focus on individual power. They do not require high numbers to take on opponents and their strongest members. They outmatch other Faction members with ease. Many of the members of the Unspoken either start off at an advantage for their cost or invested into after entering play to generate advantage.

Pacing in the Universal Card Game is a big part of the strategy of many decks. Where the Unspoken are no exception to this strategy, the early game of the Unspoken is very much up to the player. The two play styles of the Unspoken generally run very heavy effects to handle early game swarming. This benefits the Unspoken player on all fronts. They can remove several threats at once with cards like Nature's Wrath with little consequence. Meanwhile players can invest in cards such as Seeker of the Lost by expending extra Terra.

Optional Support

The Unspoken focus on individual power so do not have many support cards.

Bringer of Flames086 NEORAR086 BringerofFlames0001 - Where the early game of the Unspoken may not be the best, Bringer of Flames helps ease this situation. This card gets +1 Combat for each other Unspoken in play. Not only that, it also locks out the ability of the opposing player to Sequence against attacks. This card shines best when used with other lower Terra cost Unspoken. It can work in other Unspoken themed decks because of its ability to keep the opponent from Sequencing effects. This helps cards such as Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 from removal upon attack.

Moe The Hawk021 NEOSTB021 MoetheHawk0001 - This card is the Unspoken's card that makes them stronger with +1 Combat. Moe The Hawk also gets his own bonus of +1 Combat and a powerful ability that can make attackers more efficient. This Activated Ability allows you to give any Unspoken additional Proficiency. It's not a one time effect either, players can use it as many times as they are able to pay the Terra cost. Activate the ability to advance on an opponent when they do not block an Unspoken card. This puts pressure on the opponent to block more often to avoid taking too much damage.

Key Cards for your Unspoken Deck

Muerte Inquisitor063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 - The staple card of any Unspoken deck. This card solves one of the major flaws of the Unspoken, acceleration. Muerte Inquisitor gives an additional card draw, and it's at Unstable Stability. If all three copies are in play that means players can potentially draw up to four cards a turn. Not only that, it gains +1 Combat for each card in the controller's hand making it an ideal attacker in many situations. Muerte Inquisitor also comes with a powerful and flexible Activated Ability. It gives the player a choice to name a card in any player's hand (including their own). If that named card is in their hand they discard all copies, otherwise draw another card. To get the best use of this ability its best to have the opportunity prior to see an opponent's hand. Cards such as Cute Cadet Cool179 NEOSTB179 CuteCadetCool0001 or Black Totem Wing023 NEOSTB023 BlackTotemWing0001 grant that opportunity and also remove other threats at the same time.

Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 - A game ender for the unsuspecting player. Undead Dude boasts some of the strongest Terra Efficiency of the Unspoken Faction. Not only that, it is one of the strongest character cards for it's price point. To begin, Undead Dude is a very large body and difficult to slay with smaller characters. It also has the Swift ability, making it even more difficult to block. If an opponent cannot block an attacking Undead Dude, they risk losing up to two cards from their hand. If that were not enough, the player can also Dispose of their resource cards to add more Combat to Undead Dude for victory. Because of all these factors, it is almost always safe to attack with Undead Dude. Shadow Architects will fall with ease from Undead Dude's ability to gain Combat. Dispose of two resource cards and Undead Dude becomes a character with Eight Combat. That value is enough to slay most Shadow Architects.

Funk Buddy045 NEOUNS045 FunkBuddy0001/Funk Bat041 NEOSTB041 FunkBat0001 - The Unspoken lack lots of early game support. These two cards from the Faction can help pick up the slack. Funk Bat is a one to play Three Combat character that gives all characters blocked or blocking it Expertise. Even with this drawback, Funk Bat does well as a blocker in the first rounds of the game. When Funk Bat is no longer needed, dispose of it to generate One Terra to play stronger Unspoken such as Proto Nerd100 NEORAR100 ProtoNerd0001 or Muerte Inquisitor.063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 Keeping Funk Bat isn't a bad decision when combined with Several Funk Buddy cards. Funk Buddy gets +1 Combat for each Funk Buddy in play and Funk Bat counts itself as one also. Similar to Funk Bat, Funk Buddy also has an ability to Dispose of itself, this time to Slay an Effect Card in play. Any deck that relies on Pitfalls or Status Effects will have few counters to this card.

Proto Nerd100 NEORAR100 ProtoNerd0001 - The Unspoken focus on the late game. Proto Nerd is no exception to this theme with the Faction. The card cannot come into play for the first three turns but when it finally can enter the field it's quite the powerhouse. With Three Combat and two keywords, Proto Nerd is a great card for its cost point. All this makes Proto Nerd a great body for both attack and defense. The only drawback of the card is it's Rare Stability. It's not always reliable since the Unspoken lack a lot of inherent deck manipulation. If the deck mixes in Decendents and/or Demons then consider adding Shadow Architect Molly Holly.174 NEORAR174 MollyHolly0001 As long as the player meets the requirements then they can search for Terra Characters to play.

Speaker of Darkness077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 - A low cost Terra option that helps to stop early game strategies. This card can place a card the defending player controls into the Encounter with it, regardless of Zone or abilities of the card as well. Use this ability to stop control cards the player needs and remove other cards that cannot normally be blocked. Combine with buff cards like Moe The Hawk021 NEOSTB021 MoetheHawk0001 or Aspiring Courage056 NEOSTB056 AspiringCourage0001 and remove even bigger threats in the Conflict Phase.


The Unspoken lack any form of deck manipulation and limited to drawing extra cards via Muerte Inquisitor.063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 This Faction must rely on search and manipulation capabilities of cards in other places. Fae Nurturer097 NEOSTB097 FaeNurturer0001 fills a much needed niche in the deck by providing a small character, card draw or adding to the resource pool. Deathnote116 NEORAR116 Deathnote0001 can also make up for the weaknesses of the Unspoken, but at Rare Stability makes it harder to draw straight from the deck. The Unspoken are vulnerable to anything that makes them lose abilities or prevents attack. Similar to other late game strategies, decks that force discarding key cards stifle the Unspoken strategy.

Anti-Unspoken Support

Deny Thy Evil089 NEOSTB089 DenyThyEvil0001 - This card devestates the Unspoken. Many of the best cards in the Faction have a high Terra cost. Deny Thy Evil removes those threats and enchants a character immune to other Unspoken abilties and damage. Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 and Proto Nerd100 NEORAR100 ProtoNerd0001 become useless as they no longer can sneak damage at the opponent. If lacking any good character removal the Unspoken have little they can do except hope. Name Deny Thy Evil when controlling a Muerte Inquisitor063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 deals with the threat before the opponent has a chance to play it.

Arcanist of the Inquisition039 NEOSTB039 ArcanistoftheInquisition0001 - Unspoken have difficulty against this card without the aid of effects. Arcanist of the Inquisition's ability to deal Two Damage to any character when combined with Templar of the Inquisition028 NEOSTB028 TemplaroftheInquisition0001 makes quick work of all Unspoken early game choices. Speaker of Darkness077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 struggles to get Arcanist of the Inquisition to block. With The Doctoral Council085 NEOUNS085 TheDoctoralCouncil0001 or the other Inquisitors in play, Arcanist of the Inquisition gains too much Combat for Death Reveler113 NEORAR113 DeathReveler0001 to Slay. Not even the stronger Unspoken are invulnerable to multiple Arcanist of the Inquisition. Templar of the Inquisition grants the ability to Arcanist of the Inquisition to choose a target to take double damage. With another Arcanist of the Inquisition in play that means a vast majority of the Unspoken faction are slain the moment they enter the field.

Gizmo Ball Type L/Gizmo LaLA141 NEOUNS141 GizmoBallTypeL GizmoLaLA0001 - This card can Flip when the controller has three or more characters in play. Once flipped the card gains Swift and Assist keywords but the real threat is the come into play ability. When Gizmo Ball Type L/Gizmo LaLA puts a +1 counter on any character it loses all abilities. This is devestating for many key Unspoken characters. It turns cards such as Muerte Inquisitor063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 into a Two Combat character who no longer can draw additional cards. Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 becomes grounded and blockable with no option to buff. You no longer have the ability to use Moe The Hawk021 NEOSTB021 MoetheHawk0001 with your Speaker of Darkness.077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 Most dangerous of all, Gizmo Ball Type L/Gizmo LaLA can flip over and over by continuing to play character cards.

Free Spirit090 NEOUNS090 FreeSpirit0001 - Another card that can be both main decked and/or sideboarded anytime. Free Spirit has the Support ability to make a character card come into play with no abilities until end of turn. Unspoken rely on their powerful abilities to go on the offensive. Cards such as Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 become blocked with ease and prevents the opponent from losing cards in their hand or deck. Besides having a powerful Support ability, Free Spirit can activate to move characters from the Active or Exhausted Zones. Free Spirit can hold back the strongest Unspoken from attack while other cards such as Arcanist of the Inquisition039 NEOSTB039 ArcanistoftheInquisition0001 or Starcat Defender022 NEORAR022 StarcatDefender0001 slay the smaller members. The low Terra Cost of Free Spirit makes it difficult to deal with. Use removal effects to keep them off the battlefield.

Play Style(s)

Death Reveler (Control)

The Death Reveler deck is unlike many of the decks in the UCG. Where many decks focus on an aggressive strategy that play several character cards, this deck uses a great deal of effect cards to establish field control. The Unspoken focus on individual power and their true strength lies in their pricier members. The Muerte Inquisitor063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 works great to draw an extra card each turn, which also means more effects to use. Muerte Inquisitor also combos well with Cute Cadet Cool.179 NEOSTB179 CuteCadetCool0001 Play Cute Cadet Cool first to reveal the player's hand and removing one of their threats. Then use Muerte Inquistor's activated ability to name another threat to force the player to discard another card. The Evelyn Bishop108 NEORAR108 EvelynBishop0001 Shadow Architect works well with this deck as it keeps the opponent from drawing their key cards. The Retribution-1 Ability can also permanently buff or de-buff your characters as needed.


Operation Reborn Kind (Aggro)

This deck is the opposite of the Death Reveler deck. Focusing on pure speed it uses the less expensive members of the Unspoken Faction. The idea with this deck is to get as many Unspoken as possible in play and buff all the members. Moe The Hawk021 NEOSTB021 MoetheHawk0001 can increase the proficiency of all your Unspoken as many times as the terra requirement is activated. Use this ability to buff a single target for the one character your opponent does not block for massive damage. Moe The Hawk also combos well with the Speaker of Darkness077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 to remove threats off the board. Similar to Insanes, burnout can occur if the opponent can handle the early game aggression. Commit Sin Vanity123 NEOSTB123 CommitSinVanity0001 helps to overcome this by making assuring important draws or shuffle back in powerful effects or Unspoken Characters.

The horrors the mind hath wrought

It's difficult to believe what the mind is capable of. The unimaginable cruelty that can be born from it. Insanity, a scarcely understood phenomena, has perplexed mankind from its very beginning. What causes it? Some reports link it to mere genetics. Other studies show that otherwise sane people experience psychotic breaks with unnerving frequency. Is it a lie? Is it a label for things that are so integral? Something memetic within natural law that we recoil from the vulgarity of its transparency and familiarity? Few races in creation possess a mind developed enough for self-awareness. Those that do are plagued with disparate and unrelated cases of insanity, a chaotic and uncivilized caricature of the perception that race has of itself. Is that because to them, the veil has lifted? That they see Creation for what it is? Or is it brought on by a malfunction in their hardware; an illness to expunge from the gene-pool?

The unknowable nature of those afflicted, enlightened people create a new order within them. One that is beyond understanding. In truth, Chaos is the true order of reality and it rebels from within Creation. It manifests itself everywhere, pulling at the threads of this tapestry. In those with minds to create, this chaos is especially potent. They do not try and shape the worked into something its isn't; they become what they must to thrive in that state. As mercurial as they are, they are destructive. They pay no head to the illusion of sanctity. They rip and tear, they free form compounds into matter and energy. This is the natural state they seek to recreate.

In spite of this, constructs seek to box in the enlightened mind. The Insane are baffled by cooperation, self-preservation and self-sacrifice. The Insane seek destruction. Often, they find themselves beset on all sides by those who do not understand. In this way the insane are unnatural. They defy organic understandings of self and draw the rest of Creation's inhabitance into conflict with them.

Despite the effort of a sane builder, entropy will have its day. It will be exacting. It will be complete. In the meantime, those who embrace reality will endeavor ever forward. Ever in-between and ever through. All is free and nothing is true. To inveterate the mind is to kill the soul. All things must peel away, allowing freedom to ring true. Taste the psycho sphere. Embrace the infinitesimal. Strike back at those prison bars!

Insane support


The Insane Faction is a Designator focusing on establishing quick early game control. Insane decks are able to have great momentum though out the game. Many fundamental cards for an aggressive deck come from this Designator as well. This faction has a prime focus on Terra Characters ranging with costs of One to Four Terra. Insanes easily defeat cards at the same cost points in one on one Encounter. With their simple and effective effects, this Designator is great for beginners in the Universal Card Game.

Insane decks rely on their early game momentum to establish dominance by mid game. Insane decks struggle to maintain momentum they enter a "top deck mode." It means a player relies upon the next card they draw from the top of the deck to maintain position. Insanes without other support can struggle against larger threats. A majority of their faction lacks the Assist ability to stand together in an Encounter. Many early game staple cards when not used in combination with other cards to support them can prove to be ineffective against larger threats.

Optional Support


The Insane Faction focuses on simple and effective abilities. Some of these cards listed here provide direct support to more than only the Insanes. The cards listed here help to better flesh theme of your Insane deck.

Samson Black195 NEORAR195 SamsonBlack0001 - Samson Black is used with both Gangster and Insane based decks. The mastermind of Samsontech can make all your Insane cards stronger and deal Two damage to a player whenever they are Consumed by the Void. Use this card with the Starcat Viper030 NEOSTB030 StarcatViper0001 to make the player take damage when you play and lose an Insane card. Combo with George The Reckless074 NEOSTB074 GeorgeTheReckless0001 and you have a card that can keep attacking and dealing damage even if Slain during the Encounter. Samson Black works well with the CacoDemon104 NEOSTB104 Cacodemon0001 and Silicon Fate081 NEOUNS081 SiliconFate0001. Their abilities can make your Insane cards trigger Samson Black's damage ability.

The Hanged Man131 NEOSTB131 TheHangedMan0001 - The Hanged Man performs two major jobs in Insane decks. It helps make your smaller characters into significant threats. Cards like Maclain Wing060 NEORAR060 MaclainWing0001 and Silicon Fate081 NEOUNS081 SiliconFate0001 become more threatening in Encounters with their powerful keyword abilities. The Hanged Man also can be used as a removal card as it gives the Effected Character -2 Combat if it is not an Insane or Gangster. This helps out Insane decks by still giving the +1 Combat Counter to one of your characters and potentially Slaying the Effected Character, or at least weakening a powerful Character. This card is also Stable like many Insane cards and is a reliable card in any Insane based deck.

Bubs Maclain171 NEOCOV171 BubsMaclain0001 - Bubs Maclain is a Covert card and he holds the spot well for the Insanes. He gives all other Insanes +2 Combat and can also take control of another player' effect card. Bubs Maclain in combination with other Insanes can turn the tides of a game. The Insanes generally cannot deal with larger threats. The +2 Combat granted from his static ability makes even your smallest Insane cards such as the Bubonic Dollar Rat159 NEOSTB159 BubonicDollarRat0001 and the CacoDemon104 NEOSTB104 Cacodemon0001 Four Combat. The Activated Ability of Bubs Maclain allows you to gain control of effect cards such as Pitfall Effects used by Epic Decks or Status Effect cards utilized by Gangsters. There is nothing better than taking a Lanford the Brave134 NEORAR134 LanfordtheBrave0001 that is about to trigger or that The Emperor140 NEOUNS140 TheEmperor0001 from one of your opponents. This card gets it own bonus making it an efficient member for its Terra Cost slot.

Chaotic Fuzz036 NEORAR036 ChaoticFuzz0001/ Silicon Fate081 NEOUNS081 SiliconFate0001 - These two cards form the foundation of the aggro-control aspects of the Insane Faction. Silicon Fate can be played by Disposing of another Insane you control and is one of the few Swift characters in the Faction. The card when it hits play makes each player dispose of a character that is not an Insane. Chaotic Fuzz is a perfect choice to make when activating Ballad of She017 NEOCOV017 BalladofShe0001 as a late game option to clear the board. This is one of the few cards in the Designator that can handle Architects, especially when combined with another attacker. Chaotic Fuzz, like the Silicon Fate has an alternate cost to Dispose characters you control to put her into play. She is a great addition to include in Terra based decks to help secure board position mid to late game.

Starcat Viper030 NEOSTB030 StarcatViper0001 - The Starcat Viper is a great companion to have as an anti-meta option or as an aggro card for the Insanes. The anti-meta ability to Slay a Unique Resource makes it a great option for both main deck and sideboard for many Terra based decks. This card when combined with Samson Black195 NEORAR195 SamsonBlack0001 makes for great answers mid and late game to have a steady source of damage thrown at opponents. The direct damage ability allows you to soften up Architect cards and finshed off by bigger threats. This card along with Paradigm's Edge163 NEOSTB163 ParadigmsEdge0001 will allow you to slow down Terra based decks relying on Unique Resources.

Key Cards for your Insane Deck

CacoDemon104 NEOSTB104 Cacodemon0001 - The Cacodemon is the bread and butter of the Insane deck. You can run four copies of the card and it is great for both offense and defense. The card has a cost of Two Terra with Two Combat. The card is very efficient for its cost and the ability does not require an activation so it is always safe to attack. Save the ability of the card till necessary can malfunction several abilities of effect cards such as Final Clash001 NEOCOV001 FinalClash0001. Cacodemon's ability is very useful because it protects key Insane cards from removal. Combine with Lani114 NEORAR114 Lani0001 or Starcat Defender022 NEORAR022 StarcatDefender0001 to maintain dominance over the playing field.

Maclain Wing060 NEORAR060 MaclainWing0001/Starcat Defender022 NEORAR022 StarcatDefender0001 - We dubbed these two cards "Submarine Control." These Two, Three to play Insane cards establish the mid to late game control that Insanes need to deal with large threats. The Maclain Wing is a safe attacker as it has the ability Cunning. Similar to CacoDemon104 NEOSTB104 Cacodemon0001, it has Combat equal to its cost. Maclain Wing makes a great card to splice into another deck type as it is very efficient and makes a great slot for an attacker. The Starcat Defender is great for dealing with lots of cards with its activated ability to deal Two damage to characters. It also works well against Mercenaries and Descendants. It can be used to remove their support cards and limit their ability to swarm the field. Combined with the fact that it can still block from the Exhausted Zone makes its ability especially useful for removing threats. These two cards make great early game plays with any double Terra generating resources or accelerated into play with DioDao.

Samsontech Seawolf188 NEOSTB188 SamsontechSeawolf0001 - Samsontech Seawolf is a larger member of the Insane Faction with Swift. The card is great to have in Insane decks or to splash into decks like the Drakkonen due to its alternate cost. This card can take a hit for you from one source and then come into play with -1 Counters equal to the amount of damage. This ability takes all the damage dealt to you, so even if the character would die, you take none to your deck. Combine this card with Drama Man188 NEOSTB188 SamsontechSeawolf0001 and you can draw a card along with prevent the damage.

George, The Reckless074 NEOSTB074 GeorgeTheReckless0001 - George, The Reckless is one of the game's most aggressive card options. It can replace itself with another copy when consumed by the Void, allowing you to mitigate one of the main drawbacks of playing the Insanes. There are several cards that synergy well with George. When combined with Samson Black195 NEORAR195 SamsonBlack0001 it gains the ability to deal Four damage with Expertise. This makes the card difficult to slay and even if they do, another copy goes right back to your hand. George also makes excellent fodder for the cost of the abilities of Silicon Fate081 NEOUNS081 SiliconFate0001 and Chaotic Fuzz036 NEORAR036 ChaoticFuzz0001. Always run four copies of this card if you decide to commit to playing it. You need to make sure you have at least two to make its ability useful. Try to keep a CacoDemon104 NEOSTB104 Cacodemon0001 on hand to protect George from target by Final Clash.001 NEOCOV001 FinalClash0001


Insane decks suffer from 'Burn Out'. It means that they can use up their entire hand of cards early in the game. If the opposing player can handle your threats you will not draw enough pressure to keep up in the late game. Insanes need to establish early to mid game dominance and then rely on Silicon Fate081 NEOUNS081 SiliconFate0001 or Maclain Wing060 NEORAR060 MaclainWing0001 to continue to do damage. If your opponent can keep sources of pressure or play cards that are outright bigger than your characters you are in for a hard time. Insane decks in Burn Out will need cards like Lani114 NEORAR114 Lani0001 or Soul of the Draw092 NEOSTB092 SouloftheDraw0001 to draw additional cards to help establish their control again. Many Insane decks have difficulty fitting removal as there are several other Stable and Unstable cards taking slots in the deck. If you play against another Insane deck, most of your in deck removal is useless. Players will need to adjust how they play their cards in this situation.

Anti-Insane Support

Arcanist of the Inquisition039 NEOSTB039 ArcanistoftheInquisition0001 - What makes this card a significant threat is that it costs Two Terra and has the capability to slay most of your early game. The Arcanist when played early is a safe move against Insane decks as they have little that can handle its damage ability. Compound that with the other two inquisitors and you have some large threats that can deal several points of damage each turn. Starcat Viper030 NEOSTB030 StarcatViper0001 can counter the acceleration of Unique Resources and Starcat Defender022 NEORAR022 StarcatDefender0001 to dwindle the number of mercenaries on board.

The Rival155 NEORAR155 TheRival0001 - Many members of the Insane Faction are Stable or Unstable. This makes many of the cards great targets for The Rival's ability. Mercenary decks already have a great toolbox against Insanes, but this card is the most deadly. There are many search cards they use that can help them pull this card out at anytime. Worst of all, any of your key cards used to maintain control are all vulnerable to The Rival's activated ability. The Submarine Control cards and Lani114 NEORAR114 Lani0001 can all be slain by this ability. As stated prior it is good to keep a CacoDemon104 NEOSTB104 Cacodemon0001 or Lani on standby to deal with this card and save whatever it may target.

Deny Thy Evil089 NEOSTB089 DenyThyEvil0001 - Insane cards have a very hard time dealing with threats that are larger than about Four Combat. This card brings trouble many-fold. It makes the Effected Character potentially too large to deal with and also protected from your Insane cards. It slays one of your Insane cards upon entering play, even powerful cards such as Chaotic Fuzz.036 NEORAR036 ChaoticFuzz0001 Watch out for these in sideboards and especially when playing against Gangster decks. Bubs Maclain171 NEOCOV171 BubsMaclain0001 can take this card off the target as it targets the effect card instead of the Character with the Effect.

Helen, Lust Feeder200 NEOUNS200 HelenLustFeeder0001 - Insanes suffer from burn out and what other card to make this worse than Helen, Lust Feeder. Descendent decks can recycle this card over and over again. Not only do you need to remove this card, but the search engine cards as well. Because you must block her, she can slow down your momentum and early game control. Helen is not a good target for most of your removal except for Starcat Defender.022 NEORAR022 StarcatDefender0001 The Starcat Defender is still a valid target for its ability and can be removed by the Helen, Lust Feeder when it is in the exhausted Zone. Maclain Wing060 NEORAR060 MaclainWing0001 is another option you can use to stall Helen until you draw what you need.

Play Style(s)

Pure Insanity (Aggro)

The Pure Insanity Deck is a 100% aggresive deck that can catch your opponent off guard with ease. This deck benefits from a very low-cost payload of characters at your disposal. Some even can become stronger late game making them useful anytime in a match. Insanes excel in aggressive control with cards such as Cacodemon.104 NEOSTB104 Cacodemon0001 Attack each turn with it when able. Then when encountering a threat, dispose Cacodemon to return any character back to its owner's hand. Submarine Control will give you a great deal of presence over the playing field. The Maclain Wing060 NEORAR060 MaclainWing0001 buffed with a The Hanged Man131 NEOSTB131 TheHangedMan0001 is a Six Combat beater that can attack on your turn. On your opponent's turn you can activate it to prevent an attack. The Starcat Viper030 NEOSTB030 StarcatViper0001 destroys precious Unique Resources an opponent controls. Starcat Defender022 NEORAR022 StarcatDefender0001 can activate and deal two damage to characters without the need to go into the Encounter Zone. The whole goal of this deck is to keep attacking and to buff the Insanes as much as possible to keep an opponent from attacking. This deck can run Pitfall Effects to leave room to play character cards each turn. Soul of the Draw092 NEOSTB092 SouloftheDraw0001 replenishes a hand to continue an assault in a match.

Escape From AlcoSpaz

The Escape from AlcoSpaz deck variant utilizes Samson Black195 NEORAR195 SamsonBlack0001 and Starcat Viper.030 NEOSTB030 StarcatViper0001 They can exploit Insane Cards that enter and exit the playing field to deal a constant stream of damage to an opponent's deck. Insane cards with alternate costs benefit this deck. Samsontech Seawolf022 NEORAR022 StarcatDefender0001 helps to soak up damage from other sources and to trigger both Starcat Viper and Samson Black's abilties. Alco Marine165 NEOUNS165 AlcoMarine0001 creates tokens to use as additional bodies to further trigger the abilities of your key cards. George, The Reckless074 NEOSTB074 GeorgeTheReckless0001 synergizes with this deck well with Samson Black or Bubs Maclain.171 NEOCOV171 BubsMaclain0001 In combination with Bubs Maclain, George, The Reckless has five Power and Expertise. Once Slain, a George, The Reckless immediately triggers Samson Black's and Starcat Viper's abilities. Not only that, it also replaces itself by returning another copy in your Void to your hand. Larger Insane characters such as Minette, Kick Some Butt178 NEORAR178 MinetteKickSomeButt0001 or Drama Man027 NEOUNS027 DramaMan0001 help in dealing extra damage with Samson Black and Starcat Viper. Minette gives you a strong body that can attack and defend. Drama Man can help replenish your hand with an extra card draw once per turn when you lose any character, including tokens.

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