Drake Zkard

Age: 27

Birthday: Jan 19th

Allegiance: The Agency (Gangsters)

Nanodrive: Ghost

Drake Zkard is a master of many weapons and is almost never bested in combat. This allows him to adapt to many situations very quickly and his discipline is legendary. He rivals the power of the two head agents in the Agency and this has made him a target of the higher powers of Negagoth. Drake Zkard's sheer willpower has allowed him to survive many situations from which all others have perished. There is rumor that the Agency has located the hideout of several Death Reveler criminals and with the help of the new troops from the Operation Reborn Kind Project, Drake will lead the attack against the hideout. Unfortunately for Drake, plans are already in place to make sure he does not return from the battle the same.

  • Shadow Master Card
  • Terra Character Card