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Assist grapic2 copyOnce a blocker has been declared, a character with Assist can block alongside the initial blocking character. Characters can team up against an attacker, as long as each blocker has Assist.

For a detailed explanation of Assist, please refer to the following link: LINK

Note Worthy Cards With Assist:


Cunning Graphic copy

Blocked Cunning characters can still Activate. If a character with Cunning did not activate during an Encounter, it will return to the Active Zone afterwards.

For a detailed explanation of Cunning, please refer to the following link: LINK

Note Worthy Cards With Cunning:


Expertise Graphic copy

Characters with the ability Expertise always deal damage in Encounters before characters without Expertise. This rule will apply if the character is Attacking or Blocking.

For a detailed explanation of Expertise, please refer to the following link: LINK

Note Worthy Cards With Expertise:


Overpower Graphic copy

This character will deal excess damage after an encounter with a weaker defending character to the defending player.

For example, let a character have a combat stat of 5. Let it have an encounter with a character of a combat stat of 3. The character will take three damage, and the defending player two damage.

For a detailed explanation of Overpower, please refer to the following link: LINK

Note Worthy Cards With Overpower:


Proficiency Graphic copy

This character inflicts greater or lesser amount of damage in Encounters. The character still can take damage equal to its Combat statistic before being sent to The Void.

Note Worthy Cards With Proficiency:


Swift Graphic copy

Only characters with Swift can block characters with Swift. They can block other characters without Swift as well.

For a detailed explanation of Swift, please refer to the following link: LINK

Note Worthy Cards With Swift:


Unstoppable Graphic copy

Characters that are Unstoppable cannot be blocked when they declare an Encounter.

For a detailed explanation of Unstoppable(Attacking Unopposed), please refer to the following link: LINK

Note Worthy Cards With Unstoppable:


Revive Graphic copy

Whenever this character would be Slain or take damage equal to or in excess to their Combat Stat, it would instead go to the Exhausted Zone. This can only happen an equal number to the value of the Revive ability.

Note: If the character would be Disposed of or would have a Combat Stat of Zero or less, it cannot be Revived.

Note Worthy Cards With Revive:

Glossary of Terms


This refers to an ability that would put a card in the Active Zone into the Exhausted Zone. The card must already be in the Active Zone to use the ability with this term in it.

Activated Ability

Non-passive abilities that have a player announce their usage. They can have conditions, most often Terra Costs, and/or moving the card to the Exhausted Zone.

Any Target

Any card that can be affected by the card's effect or ability and must be declared upon playing.


The Archetype refers to the category of card within each main card type. For Example, the Archetype "Terra Character" or "Epic Character".


Referring to Shadow Architect cards.

As an Additional Cost

Extra condition(s) to modify the abilities of a card being played.


The usage of a Shadow Architect's Assimilate ability.

Attacking Character

A Character card that has declared an Encounter against another player.

Blocked Character

An Attacking Character that has been blocked by a Defending Character.

Blocking, Blocker, or Defending Character

A Character card that resides in front of an Attacking Character that is controlled by the defending player.

Character (Card)

Referring to a main card type Character and its five Archetypes - Epic, Flip, Terra, Token, and Vanilla.


The total amount of damage a character can deal and receive in an Encounter.

Consumed by the Void

When a card is sent from the playing field to The Void.


Something cards tell you to play as a reminder.


This term has two definitions. Damage can be penalties to a character’s remaining health or to a player’s deck from combat, abilities, or effects.

Damage During an Encounter

Whenever two or more characters deal damage to one another during an Encounter.


When a card would normally be placed in The Void is instead put into the Decimated Zone. It cannot be used until the next game.

Defending Player

The player that has been declared as an attack target of an Encounter.


Refers to the allegiance of a character card. For example, the Designators of Drakkonen or Gangster.


The sending of a card from your hand into The Void.

Dispose (of)

The sending of a card from play to The Void without the option of Reviving.


The placing of a card from your deck into your hand.

During an Encounter

An effect or ability that can only be used when a character is attacking or defending.

Effect Card

Referring to the main card type of Effect and its three Archetypes: Status, Terra, and Pitfall.

Effect or Ability

This term refers to any ability of a card in the playing field. It can also refer to a played card that targets another card.

In Play

A card that is not in your Hand, Deck Zone, Sideboard, Decimated, or The Void.


The causing of a card to no longer be able to resolve its ability, such as removing the target of a Status Effect before it comes into play.


This ability stops a card from being played. It is immediately put into The Void without resolving.


The player whose deck a card originated from.

Passive Ability

This is an ability that remains active at all times as long as the card remains in play.

Pay X Terra

This refers to a condition that requires using Terra to meet the cost.

Playing Field

Cards in the Active, Exhausted, Reserve, Expended, Shadow, and Effect Zone(s).


Referring to the removal of damage before it would be applied to its target.

Resource Card

Referring to a Standard Resource or Unique Resource.


Whenever a character is sent to The Void. This can either be due to either damage or the ability of another card.


An ability that would cause the targeted or affected card to be sent to The Void.


Refers to the card where an effect, ability, or damage originated.


The subject of an ability or effect that specifies only one card in play.


Refers to the moment when you can play or use a card's ability during either player's turn.

Triggered Ability

This is an ability that resolves when it meets a certain condition. It does not matter if the player means for it to activate at the time.


Refers to the total optional amount for an additional cost or value for an ability.