The Lore of the UCG

The World


Little is known of the old wars that tore through the dimensions but its damage is impossible to ignore. Nowhere is that clearer than on New Terra. Structures that once stood as beacons of magical and scientific glory now sit as husks rotting in the winds of the wasteland. Gone is the world of progress and industry. The landscape filled with sand and undiscovered treasures. Life outside of the walls of the "Sector Cities" is hostile and unforgiving.

One faction rose above the carnage of the wastes. That faction was Samsontech, mankind's last gilded hope when all else seemed lost. With vast wealth and resources, Samsontech brought change. Over time, wasteland would give way to society ran Sector Cities. The Sector Cities provide the people of New Terra protection from the elements beyond their walls. People can once again feel safe and move on to building a new kind of society.

Livable land on New Terra is sparse and millions of people live in Sector Cities. There's little privacy and room for individualism. People survived and made the best of their situations. In time, peace came and from those quiet years more factions formed. The people of the Sector Cities work together to survive but should ideals clash, the consequences could be dire. People began congregating with the like-minded in their home sectors.

Sector City Negagoth


Negagoth is a thriving Sector City; it's the base of operations for Samsontech. The company’s grand headquarters stands as a spire against the city skyline. It's a reminder that nothing goes unseen - Samsontech’s facility monitors the entire city. The city is divided into three distinct sectors, each dependent on the next for resources. Though the walls stand strong, tensions between the Sectors continue to escalate.


"Verily I say to you, A poor man shall with difficulty enter into the kingdom of Elysium."

Samsontech Loyalists and those privileged with great wealth live in the fields of Elysium. Landscapes of plants not seen since the Great War blow in the zephyr of the Motherzone. The great shield which covers the sector transmits images of blue skies. Its circuits provide moisture with gentle breezes and the Tenerife facility extract resources from deep beneath the sector.

The Agency


Samsontech's Special Forces, also known as the Agency, is the strong arm of the corporation. Strengthened by the technology from Samsontech's research, the Agency acts as corporate police for Elysium. They also oversee many operations in Negagoth. Behind closed doors the Agency controls most sources of media. Security of the citizenry is a task left with the Sector Police.

The Agency is the Gangster Faction in the UCG. To learn more, click here to see how to play the Gangsters.

Central Education Complex


Special youths and ambassadors from other lands live in Elysium as guests of Samsontech. Samsontech acknowledges the need to strengthen relations with civilized areas of the wastelands as well as its city sectors. Recruited as Cadets, these young people learn in special Samsontech facilities. Once they complete honing their abilities, they return to their Sector Cities as employees of Samsontech. The activity is greatest near the Tenerife Facility as many of the ambassador quarter are located there. The Central Education Complex is a means for the people to better themselves. It represents a chance at a new life outside their home sectors. It’s true that many recruits are from Sera Artifixia and Elysium, but the best and brightest are selected from Neo Tokyo.

The Cadets of the Central Education Complex represent the Descendant Faction in the Universal Card Game. To learn more about the Descendant Faction, click here.

Sera Artifixia

"The religions are based primarily on science. It is partly the knowledge of the unknown and partly that we are not alone."

Sera Artifixia aims to teach the benefits of organized religion with the advancement of modern science. Built atop a large vein of "indigo," a substance that many believe to be the key to art of magic, Sera Artifixia thrives. Two major powers are at work in this Sector, the Edifice of the Flesh -- otherwise known as the Inquisition -- and the Singularity. These two factions oversee the scientific and magical research with watchful eyes. Samsontech works closely with these groups to recruit members from the city for Operation Reborn Kind.

The Singularity


Operation Reborn Kind is a project that exposes those attuned to magic to the Indigo Veins. A drug administered to each subject called Black Wolf entices their body to use the Indigo around them to perform feats of magic. Subjects that pass the initial tests then train to become special Samsontech Cadets while others get sent to other programs. Many female recruits go to both the Central Education Complex while males rise the ranks of the Singularity themselves. The Singularity has an elite force called the Death Revelers that ensure that the candidates for Operation Reborn Kind remain contained in their designated areas.

Sworn believers of the Goddess Isis, the Death Revelers are guardians of wisdom and the dead. The Twice Wise wear dark robes covering the damage caused by the Tenebrism, their death magics. Lead by the Muerte Family, they watch over the documents discovered throughout the wastelands. They maintain close contact with Samsontech to ensure that information is never lost to the sands of time.

The Inquisition


The Edifice of the Flesh otherwise known as the Inquisition, are keepers of AngelTek. This unique technology bestows its users with inspiration and it falls to the Inquisition to instill faith into the people. Some believe this use of technology to be barbaric in comparison to much of the city. However, their renewed faith in the old gods has granted them great insight in the use of science. The Inquisition gives the people an outlet to express their needs and the youth of the city flock to learn of the great gods from across the ages. The leader of the Inquisition is rarely seen and known only as the Architect of the Flesh. Authority of the Inquisition is carried by three Inquisitors that oversee the operations of their sector.

Unlike the Singularity, the Inquisition lead the youth to become Bloodlusters. Bloodlusters use their magical abilities to attune themselves with outside powers. The use the powers of the Void, the place where all cosmic energy goes once it has expired. To obtain power, Bloodlusters contract themselves with other worldly beings in exchange for power. The contracts formed with Void are short lasting as the power granted by these creatures is unstable. A one to one relationship would only last for a few years before the host succumbs to mortal frailty. Common side effects include odd colored eyes or other damage to their physical forms similar to the Death Revelers.

The Death Revelers and Operation Reborn Kind represent the Unspoken Faction in the Universal Card Game. To learn more about this Faction, click here.

The Bloodlusters and the beings they contact represent the Demon Faction in the Universal Card Game. To learn more about the Demon Faction, click here.

The Inquisition and their Bloodluster recruits represent the Mercenary Faction in the Universal Card Game. To learn more about the Mercenary Faction, click here.

Neo Tokyo

"The kingdom of heaven shall be built upon the backs of the working poor."

Many civilizations are built by the hands of the poor. Here the cityscapes block out the sun. Blinding neon lights turn night into day, this is the sector Neo Tokyo. Neo Tokyo is the Sector of the working class of Negagoth, people who live caring for the needs of their city. The people of Neo Tokyo live each day to survive. Many lack the luxuries provided by the cities other sectors. Lost and without the authority provided by Samsontech or the religious organizations of Sera Artifixia, Neo Tokyo then formed the Sector Security Police.

Lead by Gregory Jones, Sector Security Police strives to create order from chaos in Neo Tokyo. Unlike the other sectors of Negagoth, Neo Tokyo's Sector Police have thousands of civilians per security officer. These public servants lack the resources needed to stop the rampant crime and violence in the Neo Tokyo Sector. Many splinter factions formed and have taken their own territory in Neo Tokyo. The major two being the Neon Network’s black market at the southern border and the Tinkerers.

The Neon Network


Long ago electronics were declared illegal for most in Neo Tokyo, and shortly after, the Neon Network began to rise. Many wonder where their vast wealth comes from. Most of the members of the Neon Network appear as normal people with regular jobs. The Tinkerers work closely with this group of smugglers to obtain common resources and supplies. Evan Loez is one of the head facilitators of the market on the southern border and often seen making deals with Tinkerer groups. The locations and dealings within the Networks dens are unknown even to the keenest employees of Samsontech. When one needs access to any form of technology, the Neon Network is only whisper away.

Technology isn’t all the Neo Network has to offer though. The Black Wolf, the same drug used to infuse people with the Indigo, sells through the Neon Network. De facto leaders of the Neon Network are rarely seen, except for Riptor. He is the one who provides the many outlets of escape from various forms of Black Wolf to immersion into Virtual Worlds. Those who adapt to this form of escapism are chosen to become Neon Gladiators; their purpose is unclear.

The Tinkerers


Comprised of the rebellious youth of Neo Tokyo are the Tinkerers. Outside of Elysium, technology is rudimentary and the Tinkerers united for the betterment of all the people of Neo Tokyo. Their constant uprisings are viewed as acts of insurrection by Elysium and Sera Artifixia. While not opposed to using any means necessary to reach their goals, Tinkerers are at the heart of the city’s underworld. Aware of the short lifespans of people in Negagoth, Tinkerers are some of the most reckless members of city. They wear their loud colored hair with pride to stick out amongst their peers. Tinkerers have no formal organization and operate in many smaller cells.

The Aphelion


The main character of the Universal Card Game is a young Tinkerer named Mina Holly. She lives in a forbidden area of the city, the Aphelion. None know about this area except two young diplomats who check on her. Each provide Mina with new projects for her extraordinary mind. Her latest project is what she calls a Gizmo. A new tool that uses the fragments of nanoscopic material around it to change shape. Other Tinkerers are skeptical of this venture, but fate has overcome probability before…

Riptor and other similar creatures to him can are in the Drakkonen Faction of the Universal Card Game. Click here to learn more about them!

Mina and her friends are part of the Spirit/Gizmo Faction in the Universal Card Game. To learn more about them click here!