So many secrets...yet nothing is said.

It’s said the oldest and greatest fear is that of the unknown. The inconceivable. Those subjects that are wholly beyond grasp. Human nature begs one find their place in an infinite universe in all iterations. Sometimes discoveries come, always appearing as terrible apparitions and wonders. The only defense against these sights is to seal it away from mortal minds. Forever left unsaid, unspoken. Some foolish souls try to tame the ever infinite universe. Their pursuits end with the poor soul taking on an aspect like that they've sought to understand in vein.

These Unspoken ones have sought to transcend the boundaries of the visible world. They experience exponential growth in abilities as they edge ever closer to singularity with the infinite. They search for others like them to create a greater unification with reality. Their forms then flux and reorganize into greater shapes. Only the strongest among them can hold these new shapes for long.

The one true weakness of these Unspoken ones lies in the fact none have defeated their mortality. Despite their heightened abilities, they bleed like the rest. They are in a state of weakness when gathering strength to recover from an exertion of untamable power. Though the Unspoken can tap into limitless possibilities, it takes time to attain even an ounce of mastery.

There is no hope for these creatures, twisted and changed by their own hands. It isn't a matter of diligence or effort, but capacity. These are those who stare into the void, unmoved by its persistent blinking. They found their path. They embrace the infinite in both singularity and entropy. The strain, push and pull to become more. Never will it be enough. They'll never break their bonds, nor recoil from what unspeakable thing they have become.

Unspoken Support

The Unspoken are one of the most unique factions in the Universal Card Game. Where many factions focus on teaming up to take on the opposition, the Unspoken focus on individual power. They do not require high numbers to take on opponents and their strongest members. They outmatch other Faction members with ease. Many of the members of the Unspoken either start off at an advantage for their cost or invested into after entering play to generate advantage.

Pacing in the Universal Card Game is a big part of the strategy of many decks. Where the Unspoken are no exception to this strategy, the early game of the Unspoken is very much up to the player. The two play styles of the Unspoken generally run very heavy effects to handle early game swarming. This benefits the Unspoken player on all fronts. They can remove several threats at once with cards like Nature's Wrath with little consequence. Meanwhile players can invest in cards such as Seeker of the Lost by expending extra Terra.

Optional Support

The Unspoken focus on individual power so do not have many support cards.

Bringer of Flames086 NEORAR086 BringerofFlames0001 - Where the early game of the Unspoken may not be the best, Bringer of Flames helps ease this situation. This card gets +1 Combat for each other Unspoken in play. Not only that, it also locks out the ability of the opposing player to Sequence against attacks. This card shines best when used with other lower Terra cost Unspoken. It can work in other Unspoken themed decks because of its ability to keep the opponent from Sequencing effects. This helps cards such as Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 from removal upon attack.

Moe The Hawk021 NEOSTB021 MoetheHawk0001 - This card is the Unspoken's card that makes them stronger with +1 Combat. Moe The Hawk also gets his own bonus of +1 Combat and a powerful ability that can make attackers more efficient. This Activated Ability allows you to give any Unspoken additional Proficiency. It's not a one time effect either, players can use it as many times as they are able to pay the Terra cost. Activate the ability to advance on an opponent when they do not block an Unspoken card. This puts pressure on the opponent to block more often to avoid taking too much damage.

Key Cards for your Unspoken Deck

Muerte Inquisitor063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 - The staple card of any Unspoken deck. This card solves one of the major flaws of the Unspoken, acceleration. Muerte Inquisitor gives an additional card draw, and it's at Unstable Stability. If all three copies are in play that means players can potentially draw up to four cards a turn. Not only that, it gains +1 Combat for each card in the controller's hand making it an ideal attacker in many situations. Muerte Inquisitor also comes with a powerful and flexible Activated Ability. It gives the player a choice to name a card in any player's hand (including their own). If that named card is in their hand they discard all copies, otherwise draw another card. To get the best use of this ability its best to have the opportunity prior to see an opponent's hand. Cards such as Cute Cadet Cool179 NEOSTB179 CuteCadetCool0001 or Black Totem Wing023 NEOSTB023 BlackTotemWing0001 grant that opportunity and also remove other threats at the same time.

Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 - A game ender for the unsuspecting player. Undead Dude boasts some of the strongest Terra Efficiency of the Unspoken Faction. Not only that, it is one of the strongest character cards for it's price point. To begin, Undead Dude is a very large body and difficult to slay with smaller characters. It also has the Swift ability, making it even more difficult to block. If an opponent cannot block an attacking Undead Dude, they risk losing up to two cards from their hand. If that were not enough, the player can also Dispose of their resource cards to add more Combat to Undead Dude for victory. Because of all these factors, it is almost always safe to attack with Undead Dude. Shadow Architects will fall with ease from Undead Dude's ability to gain Combat. Dispose of two resource cards and Undead Dude becomes a character with Eight Combat. That value is enough to slay most Shadow Architects.

Funk Buddy045 NEOUNS045 FunkBuddy0001/Funk Bat041 NEOSTB041 FunkBat0001 - The Unspoken lack lots of early game support. These two cards from the Faction can help pick up the slack. Funk Bat is a one to play Three Combat character that gives all characters blocked or blocking it Expertise. Even with this drawback, Funk Bat does well as a blocker in the first rounds of the game. When Funk Bat is no longer needed, dispose of it to generate One Terra to play stronger Unspoken such as Proto Nerd100 NEORAR100 ProtoNerd0001 or Muerte Inquisitor.063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 Keeping Funk Bat isn't a bad decision when combined with Several Funk Buddy cards. Funk Buddy gets +1 Combat for each Funk Buddy in play and Funk Bat counts itself as one also. Similar to Funk Bat, Funk Buddy also has an ability to Dispose of itself, this time to Slay an Effect Card in play. Any deck that relies on Pitfalls or Status Effects will have few counters to this card.

Proto Nerd100 NEORAR100 ProtoNerd0001 - The Unspoken focus on the late game. Proto Nerd is no exception to this theme with the Faction. The card cannot come into play for the first three turns but when it finally can enter the field it's quite the powerhouse. With Three Combat and two keywords, Proto Nerd is a great card for its cost point. All this makes Proto Nerd a great body for both attack and defense. The only drawback of the card is it's Rare Stability. It's not always reliable since the Unspoken lack a lot of inherent deck manipulation. If the deck mixes in Decendents and/or Demons then consider adding Shadow Architect Molly Holly.174 NEORAR174 MollyHolly0001 As long as the player meets the requirements then they can search for Terra Characters to play.

Speaker of Darkness077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 - A low cost Terra option that helps to stop early game strategies. This card can place a card the defending player controls into the Encounter with it, regardless of Zone or abilities of the card as well. Use this ability to stop control cards the player needs and remove other cards that cannot normally be blocked. Combine with buff cards like Moe The Hawk021 NEOSTB021 MoetheHawk0001 or Aspiring Courage056 NEOSTB056 AspiringCourage0001 and remove even bigger threats in the Conflict Phase.


The Unspoken lack any form of deck manipulation and limited to drawing extra cards via Muerte Inquisitor.063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 This Faction must rely on search and manipulation capabilities of cards in other places. Fae Nurturer097 NEOSTB097 FaeNurturer0001 fills a much needed niche in the deck by providing a small character, card draw or adding to the resource pool. Deathnote116 NEORAR116 Deathnote0001 can also make up for the weaknesses of the Unspoken, but at Rare Stability makes it harder to draw straight from the deck. The Unspoken are vulnerable to anything that makes them lose abilities or prevents attack. Similar to other late game strategies, decks that force discarding key cards stifle the Unspoken strategy.

Anti-Unspoken Support

Deny Thy Evil089 NEOSTB089 DenyThyEvil0001 - This card devestates the Unspoken. Many of the best cards in the Faction have a high Terra cost. Deny Thy Evil removes those threats and enchants a character immune to other Unspoken abilties and damage. Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 and Proto Nerd100 NEORAR100 ProtoNerd0001 become useless as they no longer can sneak damage at the opponent. If lacking any good character removal the Unspoken have little they can do except hope. Name Deny Thy Evil when controlling a Muerte Inquisitor063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 deals with the threat before the opponent has a chance to play it.

Arcanist of the Inquisition039 NEOSTB039 ArcanistoftheInquisition0001 - Unspoken have difficulty against this card without the aid of effects. Arcanist of the Inquisition's ability to deal Two Damage to any character when combined with Templar of the Inquisition028 NEOSTB028 TemplaroftheInquisition0001 makes quick work of all Unspoken early game choices. Speaker of Darkness077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 struggles to get Arcanist of the Inquisition to block. With The Doctoral Council085 NEOUNS085 TheDoctoralCouncil0001 or the other Inquisitors in play, Arcanist of the Inquisition gains too much Combat for Death Reveler113 NEORAR113 DeathReveler0001 to Slay. Not even the stronger Unspoken are invulnerable to multiple Arcanist of the Inquisition. Templar of the Inquisition grants the ability to Arcanist of the Inquisition to choose a target to take double damage. With another Arcanist of the Inquisition in play that means a vast majority of the Unspoken faction are slain the moment they enter the field.

Gizmo Ball Type L/Gizmo LaLA141 NEOUNS141 GizmoBallTypeL GizmoLaLA0001 - This card can Flip when the controller has three or more characters in play. Once flipped the card gains Swift and Assist keywords but the real threat is the come into play ability. When Gizmo Ball Type L/Gizmo LaLA puts a +1 counter on any character it loses all abilities. This is devestating for many key Unspoken characters. It turns cards such as Muerte Inquisitor063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 into a Two Combat character who no longer can draw additional cards. Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 becomes grounded and blockable with no option to buff. You no longer have the ability to use Moe The Hawk021 NEOSTB021 MoetheHawk0001 with your Speaker of Darkness.077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 Most dangerous of all, Gizmo Ball Type L/Gizmo LaLA can flip over and over by continuing to play character cards.

Free Spirit090 NEOUNS090 FreeSpirit0001 - Another card that can be both main decked and/or sideboarded anytime. Free Spirit has the Support ability to make a character card come into play with no abilities until end of turn. Unspoken rely on their powerful abilities to go on the offensive. Cards such as Undead Dude133 NEORAR133 UndeadDude0001 become blocked with ease and prevents the opponent from losing cards in their hand or deck. Besides having a powerful Support ability, Free Spirit can activate to move characters from the Active or Exhausted Zones. Free Spirit can hold back the strongest Unspoken from attack while other cards such as Arcanist of the Inquisition039 NEOSTB039 ArcanistoftheInquisition0001 or Starcat Defender022 NEORAR022 StarcatDefender0001 slay the smaller members. The low Terra Cost of Free Spirit makes it difficult to deal with. Use removal effects to keep them off the battlefield.

Play Style(s)

Death Reveler (Control)

The Death Reveler deck is unlike many of the decks in the UCG. Where many decks focus on an aggressive strategy that play several character cards, this deck uses a great deal of effect cards to establish field control. The Unspoken focus on individual power and their true strength lies in their pricier members. The Muerte Inquisitor063 NEOUNS063 MuerteInquisitor0001 works great to draw an extra card each turn, which also means more effects to use. Muerte Inquisitor also combos well with Cute Cadet Cool.179 NEOSTB179 CuteCadetCool0001 Play Cute Cadet Cool first to reveal the player's hand and removing one of their threats. Then use Muerte Inquistor's activated ability to name another threat to force the player to discard another card. The Evelyn Bishop108 NEORAR108 EvelynBishop0001 Shadow Architect works well with this deck as it keeps the opponent from drawing their key cards. The Retribution-1 Ability can also permanently buff or de-buff your characters as needed.


Operation Reborn Kind (Aggro)

This deck is the opposite of the Death Reveler deck. Focusing on pure speed it uses the less expensive members of the Unspoken Faction. The idea with this deck is to get as many Unspoken as possible in play and buff all the members. Moe The Hawk021 NEOSTB021 MoetheHawk0001 can increase the proficiency of all your Unspoken as many times as the terra requirement is activated. Use this ability to buff a single target for the one character your opponent does not block for massive damage. Moe The Hawk also combos well with the Speaker of Darkness077 NEOSTB077 SpeakerofDarkness0001 to remove threats off the board. Similar to Insanes, burnout can occur if the opponent can handle the early game aggression. Commit Sin Vanity123 NEOSTB123 CommitSinVanity0001 helps to overcome this by making assuring important draws or shuffle back in powerful effects or Unspoken Characters.

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