What is the UCG?

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The Universal Card Game, otherwise known as the UCG, is a competitive card game. Most games sell expensive booster packs and decks designed to make you buy more cards with rarity playing more of a factor rather than skill. The Universal Card Game offers pre-built decks designed to show you the powers of each faction. These decks include all the cards needed to make a great deck and you only need to purchase one copy of the deck to compete.

The cards in the Universal Card Game do not have rarity, rather they have Stability. The Stability System mechanic makes the Universal Card Game competitive. Cards are limited in number for each deck based on its power. The most powerful cards in the game can only have so many copies per deck. This helps balance the game as players can still play the "best" cards, but their deck loses consistency. Playing cards that form the foundation of a strategy have more copies in your deck, leading to more reliable strategies. The pre-built decks show off the mechanics of the Stability System by having decks with cards from each Stability Level.

The LackeyCCG Plugin

LackeyCCG is a software designed to allow players from all over the world to enjoy their favorite card games. The Universal Card Game is proudly supported on this platform to allow players to enjoy the card game without the need to spend a large amount of money. The LackeyCCG plugin is the free to play option for the Universal Card Game and offered on the UCG Online website for all to enjoy. We plan to update the LackeyCCG plugin to include support for all futures sets of the Universal Card Game. This gives players the ability to meet others and design new decks before investing into new cards.

The UCG Story


The Universal Card Game is a story driven card game set within a dystopian wasteland where civilization has collapsed. Across the hazardous landscape life has become restricted to Sector Cities. Giant Mega corporation control much of these fragments of civilization. The story told from the perspective of many characters range from corporate mercenaries to the resistance organization members known as Tinkerers. The different factions each have their own story to tell. Learn more about each of these factions in the lore section. The Universal Card Game also has an introductory comic that explores the world and gives you an idea on how to play the game!

Universal Card Game Resources

Need some help with learning how to play and get better at the Universal Card Game? Check out our official YouTube channel. This channel shows off various new decks, matches from the development team, and the UCG Primer series!

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