When to Ignition or Sequence

Non-Sequential Actions

This section discusses actions that cannot have a Sequence initiated after them. Players take several actions during their turn that they are required to take. Several of these actions are not considered Ignitions as they are assumed to start and then immediately resolve, letting the game continue to progress. Some examples of these actions include drawing and discarding a card. Some card abilities are considered Non-Sequential such as cards with an Alternate Cost such as Epic Characters or cards with the Support Ability.

List of Non-Sequential Actions:

  • Drawing a card
  • Discarding a card
  • Cards changing Zones during Dawn Phase at the beginning of the turn.
  • Turn Phase Changes
  • Player Turn Changes
  • The Shuffling and/or Searching the Deck/Void/Sideboard/Decimated/Hand
  • Paying of an Additional/Alternate Cost and Cards Consumed by the Void.

What is a Card "In Play"

A card in play refers to any card on the playing field that resides within the following zones:

  • Active Zone
  • Reserve Zone
  • Exhausted Zone
  • Expended Zone
  • Shadow Zone
  • Effect Zones 1-3
  • Encounter Zone

What is "Any Target"


"Any Target" refers to any card that is in play or any player, that the card's ability would have a valid effect on; for example, players have the option of targeting effects cards with the Timing of Permanent with abilities that deal damage. However, these cards do not have a Combat or Power stat to deal damage to. So the card's ability is assumed to not apply to these targets.

Cards in Effect Zones


It is important to note that all cards placed into the Effect Zones on either player's Playing Field count as Effect cards if they are not part of a Sequence. This includes face down cards and other cards that would enter the Effect Zones as part of an ability. The abilities of Dretch, Primal Spawn and Riptor, Sharvan Elite are two example of cards that place other cards into Effect Zones. The cards placed into the Effect Zones by these abilities are valid targets for cards that could target effect cards in play.


When Can You Ignition?

Phase of Turn       
If Your Turn       
If Opponent's Turn
Ready No No
Dawn Yes No
Draw No No
Primary Yes No
Encounter Yes No
Dusk No No
Cleanup No No


When Can You Sequence?

Phase of Turn       
If Your Turn       
If Opponent's Turn
Ready No No
Dawn Yes Yes
Draw No No
Primary Yes Yes
Encounter Yes Yes
Dusk Yes Yes
Cleanup No No


Note: For rules on specific card types and when they are able to be played, please refer to the Phases of Turn section of this rule book.